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  1. 39 and holding on to a chair wall and anything you can. Happy Birthday 🎂 Rob and many many more. The Best To You in what life has to offer. Chuck
  2. And the beat goes on . GPAA has claims in Colorado I’d like to dredge on but BLM says they being GPAA needs to get a bond so members can dredge. I ask them if I could get the bond and they said no because I don’t own the claims. I remember at one time it didn’t cost you nothing. Then you just sent in for a permit. Then later down the road it went from free to 20 dollars for the first claim you wanted to work and 10 for each after that . I’ve belonged to another club in the past but before you can dredge you have to take a class but if can’t you have to pay a extra 25 dollars. Don’t get me wrong that’s not bad but that’s probably more in value than the gold I’ll get . Oh well pay the price are go home. Chuck
  3. Hey guys I’m all for it . I know when they get enough to cover any mishaps in the world they’ll stop . I’m sure you won’t have to pay any income tax anymore either. The above will take place about the same time hell freezes over. Chuck
  4. It’s talk about seeing something at the latter part of October. The thing is will the 6000 be biting at the heels of the 7000 ? If that would be the case then the 7000 would have to take another step into the future. I’ll post more when Minelab calls me . haha Chuck
  5. Frank Finding a token can have a lot of history behind it as much as a old coin. I’d say that’s a great find. Most people don’t realize in years past it was so many tokens for just about anything one could think of. Say in the last 50 years people that was on food stamps got tokens back in change. The story was not allowed to give change back so the store had to have tokens.The customer had to come back to that store to spend their token . Most of the tokens was paper but some was in the form of plastic. My reason for knowing this a uncle and myself had a grocery store in that time frame. Chuck
  6. Guys you hear it all the time and that’s buy one get one free . Well in this case it’s buy one get two free. I’ve had one but I gave it to a friend to use because he didn’t have any . I’m not blowing smoke when I say this is a good nugget detector and a great buy. Chuck
  7. Trinityau Do you have any time left on the warranty? It’s a great buy now with the small coil too but even a greater buy with some warranty left . Chuck
  8. Thanks Rob for the heads up on the Vanquish. Hope to get back with you soon! Chuck
  9. The guy over on Nugget Shooter forum don’t belong to this forum but he gave me his number if you want. He’s got pictures you can look at . PM if you like and I’ll give you the info. Chuck
  10. A guy on Bill Southern’s forum has what you want. Price tag is 240.00 you pay to ship Chuck
  11. If any of you want the Minelab Vanquish detector of all the place you going to find them is at Dick Sports. That is true and they had them for a while . I can just see some sales person there telling you everything you want to know about that Vanquish you thinking about buying. If you are a new kid on the block with a first time buy don’t look for any help. If Rob has any I haven’t seen the post. Chuck
  12. I too say Merry Christmas to you Clay! Chuck
  13. Grub You still got baby fat! I’m 78 but what I got I can assure you it’s not baby fat . The Best To You! Chuck
  14. Grubstake 1 Who do you think painted it the first time? Even if I didn’t I’m old enough! Chuck
  15. You guys talking so ugly about this guys gold nugget just for that I’m not going to show you my painted gold rocks. Chuck