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  1. Hey Guys If the shovel goes with it then he’s selling prospecting equipment . Chuck PS That’s a cheap 4 wheeler buy !
  2. Goldfind That’s a great buy for someone and with that 6” coil makes it a outstanding buy. I know it’s a great detector because I got one of the first right here from Rob’s Detectors. Chuck
  3. Some of you may have heard that the Lost Treasure magazine is no more as of December 2018 . What I didn’t know when I got Western & Eastern Treasure magazine off the news stand I was holding the last one . It was the March issue and the last printed copy but they offering a digital copy. The first picture is the cover of March issue and the other is what they offer Chuck
  4. Here is something free that Rob may are May not have at this time. I’ll let you read it for yourself. Chuck
  5. White’s just put out their 2019 product catalog. The catalog is in full color from the front to last page . It shows all the detectors they put out and showing all the coils they offer for them . Some of the best digging tools than one would ever need.
  6. In the March issue of Western & Eastern Treasure mag. it’s a review of the BeachHunter and with pictures of what it can do . The first picture is the cover and the next one is on the inside cover of White’s ad for it . The last is the start of the review and the author. Chuck
  7. Hi Grubstake Okay he just text me . He’s got your message. Chuck
  8. Rob has a cell number you can text him on. Grub if you don’t have a cell to do it I can do it for you. Chuck
  9. Rob I’ll be offering up prayers to the Lord for your Dad and you. So many times we forget about the family having to deal with the stress of a love one being sick . If your Dad is anything like you I know he has to be a great guy . I pray the Lord lifts this burden from your Dad and ease the worry I know his family has for him . In Christ name We pray. Amen ! Chuck
  10. From what it’s worth department that 9X5” coil is what’s called a High Frequency coil . I don’t have the full range of frequencies it can run in but I do know it tops out at 81 KHz. I printed out a copy of the owners manual and that’s as far as I got. I don’t know why but I can’t get a dime on it on looks along . The phrase that fits this is That’s Life . Chuck
  11. Anybody out there that has the XP Deus are wanting to buy the New ORX knows the 9X5 coil is a steal . For a 125.00 off the list price I can wipe my own dirt off of it . More than likely it’s just dust! Chuck