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  1. Way2cool If you compare the price between the 5000 and the 7000 what one do you think is selling the most? The 5000 is already at a killer deal and 7000 needs some help to move it . So to make the 7000 more attractive and to get people to dig deeper into their pockets they add a very expensive coil.. Chuck
  2. I too had called White’s and talk with Jack and I ask him first if the new coil is a dual field coil. His reply was no and I say it again Jack said no . He then informed me it was a folded mono coil. What I’d love to hear from someone who bought the latest and greatest TDI SL be it Tan are Camo. Can you tell what you have in the way of coils? Chuck
  3. I for one has got his name in the pot for the Simplex +. I didn’t order the wireless headphones due to the fact I don’t hunt with any and plan to use the Simplex for water hunting. The neat thing this detector has is the vibrating handle that will be great for water hunting . Where else can you buy a detector that offers so much for so little money! Chuck
  4. What Minelab is offering free and what Rob offers free in a package deal when you buy a detector from him is a win win for you. Chuck
  5. Steve H. on his forum just posted that Minelab will be offering three new coils for the Vanquish. Their size is as follows V-12 12 X 9 DD V-10 10 X 7 DD. V-8. 8 X 5 DD Nothing was said about price are if they will be out the same time the Vanquish is. Chuck
  6. Well Rob I’m glad to see you got both detectors posted. This is a great buy on both for anyone. Take time to read what the Simplex has to offer . It’s unbelievable that Makro got so much in such a low cost unit. It’s also a great backup detector and if you’re like me with nine grandkids it’s good for one of them. Chuck PS Rob I know this is very low cost unit and on it you may not be able but what about shipping?
  7. Hey Rob The Makro Simplex should be on the market soon and I know one dealer is taking pre orders . It comes with headphones at 399.00 and without at 299.00 list price. Oh those headphones are wireless.. This detector has has some features you won’t find on a high end detector. It’s a couple of videos on the Simplex vs the Equinox 800 . Chuck
  8. I called Whites about a hour ago to find out about this new coil. I found out from a guy by the name of Jack that the coil is a folded mono coil. We know that Mine John was selling the same coil before his place burned down. Jack at Whites said they won’t be selling the new High-Q coil alone for a while. If you buy the TDI SL you will be getting the folded mono and the small dual field coil for 1099.00 .
  9. White’s came out with a new coil they calling High-Q. Some time back White’s came out with the TDI SL in a tan control box and a Miner John Coil . As some of you may know John’s business got burned out with others like Digger Bob . White’s is back with the same detector but now has this new type coil and added the 7.5” dual field coil for 1099.00. To top it off they also have it in camo if you like for the same price. The new coil is 7.5” X 12” and they say it’s a hot one . The great thing is if you wanting to have a Pulse detector for nugget hunting and anything else for so little money you’re in . Chuck
  10. Hey Rob Just remember to put my name in for one of the Pro Packages of the Vanquish when you start taking pre orders , Give me a heads up on the cost and I’ll get the money to you. The way I look at the Vanquish if it don’t fit my need I’ve got a Grandson waiting in the wing for it . Thanks! Chuck
  11. Hi Rob Good to hear wife is doing well with her surgery. I believe you’re going to make it after this weather starts cooling down and like you say start detecting again. The great thing about people we have can pull out a nugget from days past and live that find all over again. The Best To You and Yours . Chuck
  12. Rob Will you be selling the Makro Simplex too ? It should be out within a month. Chuck
  13. I won’t condemn anything until I’ve tried it myself and that’s why I’m putting my name in for one. I have others so if nothing else I’ll let my grandson use it. Chuck
  14. Rob You can put my name down for the Vanquish 540 Pro pack . When you get the price that I think it will be 499.00 I’ll get the money to you. I wonder if Minelab will offer a military discount on the Vanquish? Chuck
  15. Rob The Price range of the Vanquish is from 199 to 499 . It looks like a guy is getting a lots for their money. The top Vanquish is coming with two coils . Kellyco is already taking pre orders on the Vanquish but they say delivery date to be 2020 . Chuck