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  1. Ridge Runner


    Tom Boykin from White’s posted on Steve H. forum that Bob was okay . I think the whole town was gone. Chuck
  2. This story is about a friend that I call a Nox Nut because all he can talk about is his Equinox 800 . Our path cross about the time he had his car stolen and his Minelab detector was in the car too . The Nox wasn’t out yet but I told him all about it and he needed to wait. I myself had already put my money down for one with Rob. At a later date he too ordered the Equinox 800 from Rob and after hearing what had happen to him let’s just say Rob helped him over the hump . This guy has a name and that’s Tony . Tony has been sending me pictures of his finds .I really believe that he loves his Equinox 800 so much he sleeps with it . What you see next is some of the pictures of his finds. The picture where you see it in the water the handle has foam around it to keep it afloat. Oh he ordered the 6” coil from Rob and loves it. Chuck huck
  3. Pictures on IPhone but need to get on my computer to resize them. Won’t take pictures straight off phone. Work in progress! Chuck
  4. Ridge Runner

    Makro gold kruzer hits the gold field

    If any of you would like to read a great review on the Gold Kruzer and a guy that done testing on it before it hit the market them take a look at Steve H. Forum. Just look down until you see section on Makro and Nokta detectors. It’s a lot of good info can be found on both the coin and gold Kruzer. Chuck
  5. Ridge Runner

    Makro gold kruzer hits the gold field

    Mike C If you look around dealers have them now to sell. I’d ask Rob about two weeks ago if he was going to see them and he said yes. At that time he didn’t have any in stock and didn’t know the price. The ones who is selling them they have the price set at 749.00. I want to thank Californiagold for the video .I just love that show and tell. It’s the next best thing if you can’t be there. Chuck
  6. I just want to show you one time out with my Equinox 800. This is a school grounds that has been hit so many times because it’s the only one that does not have a locked gate. That large coin is really a token for one dollar from a hotel in Las Vegas. Now how it got to San Antonio in one of its school yards who knows. Chuck
  7. I had Pre-ordered my Equinox 800 from Rob and I’ve had it for a while. Now with that said I’ll give you my opinion or review just whatever you want to call it. The instruction manual has a total of 68 pages but a lot of it is pictures. This is a detector that if you just wanted a turn on and go detector you could let it be that. The thing is this detector has so much more to offer than that if you’re willing to spend the time reading the manual. It’s written in a simple form that anyone can understand it. Your Equinox 800 has 8 different modes and Minelab has each mode preset and explains in the manual how they are setup. You may at first want to detect just like it’s set but you will see that the Equinox is just about unlimited what it has to offer . The instruction manual does not come with your Equinox but you do get a quick reference guide . I guess you could say it’s better than nothing. Do spend the money and get a printed copy of the instruction manual because you well be wanting to refer back to it from time to time. You will find this detector is well worth the money you spent It’s no way I could cover all you may want to know about the Equinox. You can go read the manual on line. You could come over to Steve H. forum to see and read all that’s said about the Equinox’s, Then after you do that come back here to buy one from Rob’s Detector Sales. Oh you can use my name but I’ll tell you up front it’s not going to get you anything. haha Chuck
  8. Rob You tell your Dad that my mother had three bypass at 80 and still going strong at 95 pushing 96. The bypass she had has never been a problem but old age is catching up with her.. Chuck
  9. Ridge Runner

    Todd Hoffman's new Gold Show

    Well tonight was the first time to turn Gold Rush off and watch something else. When Todd made that bet with Parker on something he didn’t have showed he didn’t have too much going for him. That show that will start up with Parker that’s another I won’t be watching. Maybe the people who makes theses shows think it’s great to make them more on the line of a soap. We could come up with a new name but I’m at a loss to come up with one . I like to see Bering Sea Gold come back if they could drop the soap. I don’t care if this old man married a girl that could be his daughter. Then they show him stealing gold from his sons. They show him doing that on TV like his sons won’t find out. I had a guy that went with me on some trips I made dredging but he wanted to play cards. I wasn’t on a pleasure trip. I came to find gold and if you didn’t come to do that then it’s best you stay home, That was the last Of him. This is my opinion and only mine alone. Chuck
  10. Hey Jen I just put myself up for adoption so the money you have will just cover the cost . The good side I’m house broke. This is the best deal you’ve had so far.haha Hope you find what you want and the price you want too. Chuck
  11. Rob Thanks so much for the great service I always get from you. FlakMagnet I’m going camping on my front door until that Equinox I’ve been waiting for gets here. I’ve cancelled going to the gun show with three friends this weekend to have time with my new toy. Chuck