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  1. That’s one great looking SDC . It had to have a protected cover over it from day one because most you see don’t look that clean. To find out more like Rob said you need to call . I do know it’s a great detector because I’ve had one. I’m still kicking my butt for selling it but that’s not the first time I’ve sold something and regretted it later. Chuck
  2. Now a Minelab dealer on another forum has said he got a email from Coiltek saying the first price posted is correct. Just maybe they won’t come up with something else. I don’t know why they had to go up on the Nox but they did . Chuck
  3. Coiltek has come out with three coil just for the Equinox. 10X5” $ 219.00 14X9” $ 239.00 15” $ 269.00 For myself I’d like the 10X5 but for others their wants may be different. Put your name in the pot to order one from Rob . Chuck
  4. Everybody knows that Minelab had the new 6000 at Quartzsite just lately. Some of you may not know but come February 12-14 Quartzsite will have a big Gold and Treasure show on those dates. Debbie the rep. For Minelab who had the 6000 there before said something about coming back again. Rob do you possibly know if she will be back with the 6000 on the above dates ? At this time it’s a fire storm of interest to maybe see this new detector from Minelab..Like anything we are looking at the price factor but not knowing people still say I got to have it. Chuck
  5. All I can say is best of luck selling it. You may do better on eBay. Chuck
  6. I posted a reply to you on January 16th and your last visit was January 18th . I just want to know why not one word was said about my offer to you? A friend wanted to try out one that’s made by Thomas. Well I said I’d buy one and try it but then send it to him. He’s had it for a long time and even sent it back because he couldn’t find anything with it . They sent it back they said with a upgrade. I’m sad to say he has yet to find something with it. Yet I have another friend that has one that says that his works for him. I really think that he’s a few grapes short of a fruit s
  7. I watched the video here and all I got was music. I went over to your site and again all I got was more music. I’d like to see it in action finding treasure and a review after reviews of people saying I found whatever with this detector. Heck I’ll be willing to do a review on anything you got for sale. After if I think it’s great I’ll buy it but if not I’ll pay to ship it back to you. Here is your opportunity to open a door in the USA. Chuck
  8. Got a video of it over on Steve H. Forum. I believe its on a 5th are 6th page but not in English. Chuck
  9. 39 and holding on to a chair wall and anything you can. Happy Birthday 🎂 Rob and many many more. The Best To You in what life has to offer. Chuck
  10. It’s talk about seeing something at the latter part of October. The thing is will the 6000 be biting at the heels of the 7000 ? If that would be the case then the 7000 would have to take another step into the future. I’ll post more when Minelab calls me . haha Chuck
  11. Frank Finding a token can have a lot of history behind it as much as a old coin. I’d say that’s a great find. Most people don’t realize in years past it was so many tokens for just about anything one could think of. Say in the last 50 years people that was on food stamps got tokens back in change. The story was not allowed to give change back so the store had to have tokens.The customer had to come back to that store to spend their token . Most of the tokens was paper but some was in the form of plastic. My reason for knowing this a uncle and myself had a grocery store in that
  12. Guys you hear it all the time and that’s buy one get one free . Well in this case it’s buy one get two free. I’ve had one but I gave it to a friend to use because he didn’t have any . I’m not blowing smoke when I say this is a good nugget detector and a great buy. Chuck
  13. Trinityau Do you have any time left on the warranty? It’s a great buy now with the small coil too but even a greater buy with some warranty left . Chuck
  14. Thanks Rob for the heads up on the Vanquish. Hope to get back with you soon! Chuck
  15. The guy over on Nugget Shooter forum don’t belong to this forum but he gave me his number if you want. He’s got pictures you can look at . PM if you like and I’ll give you the info. Chuck