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  1. Gentlemen if you have a 10X5 coil for your Nox on back order just don’t back out on it . It’s said this has to be on the highest demand than any other coil before. I’m like a lot of you with my money down but if I get out of line and I do want that coil I’m better off right where I’m at now. I say he who waits waits not in vain . Chuck
  2. Rob didn’t post the price but I will and it’s 149.95 . I know myself I can find some headphones for less money that may work okay but I’ve always found out that less is what I get. I believe everyone knows that quality never comes cheap. Just take a look at the adapter 1/4 plug how it and the 1/8” plug will mate together . The two will fit together like as if they are one . Yes I can go buy the 1/4” adapter just about anywhere but it won’t be specially made to fit together like they are. When I detect a target I like to have the coil as near as possible without my headphones
  3. I’m waiting as one would say in the wing . Lurching here like a hawk waiting for them to drop the price on the 5000 . I may consider a used one but my biggest problem is I like the smell of something new. Oh well just maybe I’ll wake up from this dream with a 6000 in my hands. Chuck
  4. Boy I want to tell you that everybody is saying they have a 10X5” coil for their Nox on back order. Some even said they have more than one on order but with two different dealers. It’s rumored that we may see some out this month. The only thing I can tell you it’s the first day of June and nothing yet.haha I just want one and only one. Chuck
  5. It’s a lot of factors one has to take into consideration before shelling out the money for any detector. First is the weight and dollar amount. The weight comes into play because of age and a handicap that come with some of us . The dollar like everything else comes into play plus with me it’s called justifying. My trouble is the 1000 mile drive to get my foot in gold country. Due to weight and always the dollar that automatically puts the 7000 out. Here comes along the 6000 with less weight and cost but here again I got to justify my spending. One day I’ve got to get that be
  6. I’m wondering if Coiltek is making any headway on filling back orders of the 10X5 coil . I’m sure I’m one of many that have one on back order. I wish I could say that I have a 6000 on back order but that would be wishful thinking. Chuck
  7. DaddyD Back in 65 when I first started coin hunting I hardly ever looked at my coins I found that day . I’d come in and throw them in a treasure chest my wife had made for me. I’ve found some coins in the early 1800 but never any earlier than that. Not saying I don’t have any earlier ones but not found with a detector. Coin hunting is a lot like nugget hunting. Every time you come back over old ground with a better detector than the last you will find more coins. This is what’s happening with the new 6000 in they going over a old patch and finding gold. Detectors and g
  8. Fishing 8046 I just joke lots but never want to hurt someone’s feelings. You have to understand the way I am is because my mama drop me on my head several times when I was a baby, For any reason you don’t believe what I said is true I can give you her number. Don’t you say bull because she will be 99 in November and still lives alone. Chuck
  9. Has anything been said if Minelab is offering 15 percent military discount on the 6000 as of yet? Chuck
  10. Hey Guys this will peak your interest in the 6000. On Steve’s forum it’s two videos first comparing 5000 to 6000 and then the 6000 to 7000 . Nothing like show and tell. Chuck
  11. The 6000 has been sending out positive vibes from guys in the US and the guys downunder as well. I’ve been reading so much on the 6000 being posted over on Steve H. forum. Lots are going back over where they’d been in the past with the 5000 and finding what they missed before. What I’ve seen is lots of people are selling their high end PI Minelab and have a 6000 on order. If I didn’t have to drive over a thousand miles to get to gold country I’d have one. I said I’d like to buy one to my wife and she said you got the money buy it. Well I knew I didn’t have it on me but
  12. Nancy As a guy I wouldn’t go it alone anymore. For years I was a loner but it’s just too many people out there that will do you harm now. I wouldn’t worry about the bears 🐻 if you take a friend with you. Just be sure you can outrun them. But if that’s not the case take a gun not to shoot the bear . The gun is so you can shoot your friend in the leg so you can outrun them. The Best! Chuck
  13. Hey Guys Several people who got some of the first 10X5 coils for the Nox are reporting back it’s one hot little coil. In fact Coiltek can’t believe that the demand for this coil is so great. Most dealers have it on back order. I myself have one on order but don’t know how long the wait is. Chuck
  14. Grubstake I wish you would have told me before I spend all that money on a roll of toilet paper I sent them. Chuck
  15. A friend ordered some dirt from them and he knows they got his money but he didn’t get anything from them as of yet. I do know they show their location is Queen Creek Az. The number they show goes to Walmart. If you have any info on them please let me know. Right now my friend is out almost 500.00 . I found out the Better Business Bureau has them with a rating of F because of the complaints against them. Chuck
  16. Hey DaddyD Here is a new sluice.
  17. DaddyD I love gold prospecting more than anything. I like dredging and can do it all day long. My only trouble is treasure hunting has paid off for me more than prospecting ever did but I’ll take the gold fever any day.. I don’t care what you do but always do it with a positive attitude. Me and Mel Fisher always said the same and that was The day is the day we find it. One day he did find it. Chuck
  18. DaddyD I was reading a article just lately and they said blue was the pan to have. I’ve always like a small bottom pan myself and others you’ll find like a large bottom pan . When I first got into prospecting it was a metal pan are nothing. It was no such thing as a plastic pan . If it got down to a color and the brand it would be green Garrett pan . I’ve blue green round square but no matter what it all comes down to work. Chuck
  19. DaddyD I’ve been thinking about trying magnet fishing. I seen a video that a guy pulled out a motorcycle out of a river that had been stolen. You just don’t know what you may pull out. Chuck
  20. DaddyD I myself was in the mid twenties and in about a little over a month I’ll turn 80. I don’t know where I went wrong but I’m still not rich but I’d do it all over again. I’ve been swinging a detector for 55 years now. It don’t make any difference what age you are when you start but just you did . I haven’t been thinking about stopping and in fact I got money burning a hole in my pocket now for another detector. The Best To You! Chuck
  21. DaddyD It’s 480 grains of gold to a ounce and I wish you all the luck in the world in your endeavor. Chuck
  22. Dave on Gold Rush is in Colorado working a claim and every time he turns around someone is running to the county complaining about anything they can think of to stop him . People won’t put out the money to work a claim but they don’t want you either. They think you will get something in the way of gold for nothing. They have no idea what the start up cost is and if not enough gold per yard you will lose it all over night. Miners and farmers are a lot a like because both are gambling on if they will make it are not. Chuck
  23. Have wife with gun must travel so down the road I go .

  24. The only thing that I’ve run into that to dredge on a claim BLM requires a bond to do so . The trouble is if you don’t own them you can’t get the bond so says BLM . GPAA has claims but they not going to get the bond so you sit there with only a pan in hand. Your membership to GPAA for any Colorado claims is worthless. It is some clubs in Colorado that do get a bond and they can issue a permit to dredge. I believe they will charge you a fee to help cover the cost of the bond . Before BLM started charging you just needed a permit from BLM and you were set to go. Like so many things i