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  1. (It must be a nice problem to have Rob) The SteelPhase is good as many of us have said and if you are hard of hearing, it's even better. Hope you all have Happy Holidays.
  2. Very inspirational Walker, hope it keeps going.
  3. Hi Fred, So understanding that we are all different, I have found that using Filter #1 and Mode #2 (which is best for stereo headphones), that the signal's I get are "brighter" and "crisper" from the Steel Phase than what I was using before. What I do is tune the 7000 without the Steel Phase turned on. After the GPZ is tuned I turn the unit on, turn up it's volume pretty high (8), but then make sure my threshold at that volume is comfortable and just audible enough where I hear it's variations but it's not going to give me noise fatigue. Where I usually hunt has very small gold. You have to be tuned well as it's been gone over by hundreds of very good detectorists. I have found very small bits at depths that I feel most detectors must have missed because there is so much evidence of activity all around me. Anyway, not sure all that makes sense. As I originally said, I also like the B&Z. Used it for years and years but, for me, I just respond to the way the Steel Phase seems to sound in conjunction with the GPZ. Hope you are doing well and am sending you best wishes...
  4. Rob how fun it is to hear that your daughter accompanied you. True gold there. I have to say that I have never seen anyone get more good-sized gold over these last ten years than you. Good hunting.
  5. I'll jump in here to agree with Rob. The Steel Phase is the best enhancer/booster I have ever used. It is pretty much apparent the minute you turn it on and use it. I used a B&Z for years, it's a great booster as well but right now I have it as a back-up; my first choice is Steel Phase.
  6. that's weird. Let us know what you find out. Sorry if it's true.
  7. I agree, Hermit picks are the best picks I've ever used. I still have two original's made by Joeforthegold and I'm sure Bunk has carried on the suburb workmanship. Highly recommended.
  8. Nah don't worry about it Roger. Rob has the record - four of the same post below half way down the page, you're good...
  9. Thanks Rob…it shows why we're all doing this. Every once in a while we are rewarded beyond our wildest expectations.
  10. Hi Rob, in answer to your question I would indeed take as much gravel as possible out of that gulch and check the cracks out. I am basing this opinion on many years of river and creek dredging from the late 70's and early 80's. A gold bearing area usually begs for the bottom to be checked out. This is easily evidenced if you look back at what the original prospectors in the Sierra Nevada's did; they literally flumed rivers or changed their course, removed all the rocks and boulders - you can still see them stacked several stories high along some of the motherlode rivers - and then took out all the gravel and cracked open the crevices on the bottom. In my experience on several motherlode rivers when I dredged to the bottom, it was not uncommon to see that the cracks has indeed already been "worked" many years before...and in some cases they still held gold that had accumulated in the intervening time period. Good luck.