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  1. Very nice, but what is the point of just posting a picture of nice finds without some kind of an interesting story?
  2. Congratulations on the find. I would hope that at some point you can recall the above details for those who would find them very interesting. A few more pictures of the nugget would also be much appreciated.
  3. Yup, you are right a PI would work better. I missed your earlier comment regarding the abundance of black sands. That could drive a GB2 nuts. Thanks.
  4. Very nice nuggets. If you don't mind, what detector do you use. I'm guessing a GB2 would work good in that circumstance.
  5. Could be something to do with their move. See their main website.
  6. Uncle Ron, Thanks for trying to help a toddler you thought needed financial help for dealing with a serious medical problem. That was kind and generous. Unfortunately, it seems like she is also stuck with questionable parents. I feel for her on both counts.
  7. Remember, you need to be wearing snake proof boots too. Just in case you get bit on the foot/toe.
  8. Clay, Have you sent out any updates yet? Just wondered as I have not seen anything on my Footprints. I hate to bug you as you have at lot on your plate. I am amazed at your productivity. Ken