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  1. I have a used GPX5000 with 3 coils for sale. Control box is in great condition and has had a control box cover on it since it came out of the box. Minor scuffs on paint from storing the power cord between the control box and cover. New camo AZO control box cover is included. I bought this new from Rob’s Detector Sales when they came out so it is out warranty period but works great. Has never had issues nor has it ever had to be sent to Minelab for repairs. Many ounces of gold have been found with this detector!!! 3 coils are included in sale. Minelab commander 11" round
  2. That's a lot of fun banging out a crevice like that. Thanks for sharing. I have hit several over the years. One had 35 or 37 nuggets (can't remember but I have a picture of the nuggets fresh out of the hole) and another had 28. If I can find the pic I'll post it.
  3. That's a heck of a pocket!!! Congrats and hope it keeps going!
  4. Great story! Glad you made it out. What a haul! My best friend passed away at 48 years old last week. It's been a tough time lately. You have reminded me to get out and find some gold! Detecting sure can take your mind to a better place. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
  5. Dewalt makes some decent 20 volt lithium battery powered vacuums. If you use the DeWalt tool system like I do, then you have a bunch of batteries. You can get a smaller battery vacuum and just empty it more often. They are very lightweight as well amd then you don't have to deal with fuel.
  6. If you get down on a really deep target, a vlf like a goldmonster can be used to pinpoint the target. Trust me, a vlf with a tiny coil has helped me save quite a few large deep gold nuggets from being damaged by my pick. I would get a 14x9 coil and skip the other. In my opinion the 14x9 is the best all around coil for everyday detecting. It covers good ground, get into tight places, and hits on deep targets. Find some gold, use your detector and then see if you want another coil. I would stick with the 4500 and the goldmonster.
  7. I don't care where the gold nuggets were found. While I can't get out on a regular basis for several more years it is nice to see that "they are still out there" for me to find when my kids are grown and out the door to college! "They" will always be there for the people that put in the time to research and then get out and prospect.
  8. Regardless of the weight, they sure look nice!