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  1. Glad you could train some more customers up on the Hill. Such a rich site.
  2. Here ya go Rob, with a couple other pics I took. Nuggets were hard earned, little over a gram total. Wash had been detected hard by a couple skilled detectorists with a GPX and a Gold Bug 2. Were classic GPZ nuggets, small, deep and in difficult ground. Outing was a lot of fun but damn do I hate those crappy roads out there at LSD ?
  3. Yes I do like the humm of the GPZ. A friend brought out a Gold Monster the other day and just seemed so unstable. Beeps and targets everywhere. I do prefer the PI/ZVT style of detecting, just listening for the little changes in the threshold.
  4. They aren't biting right now, not like in the summer. The grass is still really bad, but I just put a little OFF! spray on my legs and boots and didn't get a single bite.
  5. Finally got out to detect the other day after taking a break since January. I even had my GPZ 7000 for sale at one point a couple months ago. After a few buyers flaked out on sending payment I got a little frustrated and ended up keeping it. Found a little half grammer a couple inches deep down in the red clay. I clearly remember detecting the exact same area last year just a few feet away. Goes to show you never know what you'll find under the next swing. Weather was great that day too. Love this beautiful area in southeast Arizona.
  6. Nice nugget. Glad the heat is finally leaving us and it's actually fun to be outside again.
  7. Tom I have been, finally. Greaterville was a amazing, about 60 degrees out. I'll be back again next week I think too.
  8. Damn and any one of those first responders could be hurt or killed trying to get to that guy.
  9. That's a smoker! Beautiful gold. And you proved this year there's always some left. Sometimes WAY bigger.
  10. This ones better with the pics. South of Phoenix?
  11. Gold or trash your videos always fire me up for the winter detecting season. I gotta get back out there!