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  1. Hi Rob, the Burrow pick arrived Tuesday. Fast service. Rob I wrote you a PM and Bunk an email concerning the new pick. Thanks Rob, Mike
  2. There’s a Burrow on the way from ROB’S’Detectors. Gitty-up. Mike
  3. Great video Rob. Those were pretty good workouts retrieving the nuggets. What model pick are you using? The Hermit? That’s a tough tool. Mike
  4. Wow, pretty little nuggets. That's impressive detecting by you and the SDC. Mike
  5. No spam, californiagold is the real thing. He's doing real good here in the north state. Mike
  6. nvradar, wow, now that's some rich black sand concentrate. Can you share more of the story? Below is a link to posts on another forum by AzViper of Treasurenet. I've seen and used this miller table AzViper built for a friend. It really works good. All readily available materials. Mike