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  1. Gary, Found this on the Aussie forum and on page 5 the designer (SteelPat) discusses the "filter question": Bill
  2. Jennifer, Thanks for the details, interesting post and pics of beautiful gold. I've been reading about Nenad's SP01 signal enhancer on the Aussie forum and FB. Looks like a signal enhancer is better than the GPZ 7000 audio output and it improves weak signals without boosting the noise. Must be fantastic on those whispers we are all listening for. Placed my order with Rob yesterday! Bill
  3. Flakemagnet, I have learned alot from Land Matters and my education is ongoing. The biggest thing from this discussion is to not believe what others tell you about a mining claim. Like "we go wherever we want to" or the following: According to the discussion on the other forum, Sections 17, 19 and 21 are owned by Newmont Mining and not the Railroad. It takes alot of due diligence and research by using tools like LR2000, Land Matters, Master Title Plats and the Pershing County Assessor to determine who the current claim owner is. That's why I bought a claim in Sec 18. Bill
  4. There were some recent discussions on another forum that must be shared with those that metal detect and prospect in Rye Patch, NV, please read the following summary and share with your Club's members and prospecting friends. Bill From Land Matters: The above map shows who the land manager is and which sections have claims. The simple fact that the BLM is the land manager does not mean the land is open to prospecting or claim. I took the next step for you. I downloaded the Master Title Plat (MTP) for that Township with a click on the Land Status map. The MTP cl
  5. Doc, I just received my new boots and they look excellent! Thanks, Bill
  6. Doc, I tried to call answer, and PM you (no messages allowed) have my tel. number. Thanks, Bill
  7. Hey Rob, on the Lost Treasures archives they have Jim Straight's story on T-Bone's nugget "."t-bone" And His Three-ounce Gulch" for $2.95. More stories on Bill Southern's forum. Bill
  8. Thanks Rob, I knew something had to be available soon and Jonathan Porter teased us and had a pic of his NF skid plate on FB. Also, thanks to all those resourceful Aussies! Bill
  9. SOLD SOLD my Minelab X-Tera 705 Gold Detector 18.75 kHz ser# 40427527012 with 3 coils (5" x 10", 9" concentric and Coiltek 15" WOT) and brand new headphones for only $600 REDUCED to $450 shipped to lower 48 only. Purchased from Rob's Detector Sales on 12/9/2013 for over $900. This detector was used only once in Nome, AK. with the 5" x 10" coil and I'm selling it to reduce my detector inventory. The entire package looks brand new. Serious buyers PM me. Bill
  10. Hey Rob, sent you a PM...I need one of the $$$ coils. Bill
  11. I'm planning to dig deeper ground on my claim in Nevada next year using an electric demolition hammer and generator, pick, shovel, drywasher and GPZ 7000.I got the idea from a group of guys that push gold bearing private claims in N. Nevada. Here's what they do- They organize a group to offset the costs of equipment, gas, bond money, etc. and in 2015 they did a push 20+ miles north of Rye Patch and recovered 20 ounces of gold in a 100' x 300' area. They look for gold bearing land that is 2' - 5' deep, which is deeper than modern metal detector capability. Sounds like you need to go deeper...y
  12. Price reduced to $9,500 OBO with 60-day financing. The new price is less than what I paid for these claims. Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! Bill
  13. Jen, from what I saw on the ground with 2 of my friends, very little detector swinging has been done on theses claims. Jeff Dunmire is handling the sale for me and he uses Ebay for advertising only....the actual process is done via email and he accomplishes all the paper work transactions with the County and BLM. i'm not interested in a trade as I have more than enough claims to keep me busy. Bill