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  1. Hey GPXfan, If that Samurai is not a piece of prospecting equipment, I don’t know what is. Looks like you might be somewhat new to the forum with four posts....chill. As Frank Costanza would say, “Serenity Now.”
  2. Terrific photos, Tom. Looks like a very good time. 110 degrees in La Verne, CA this afternoon (35 miles east of downtown L.A.) We’re almost competing with PHX temps. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Mike W.
  3. Adam & way2cool, Go easy on the "paranoid, over reacting, exaggerating, Barney Fife" cops of the world. I'm sure there are current, former and retired law enforcement personnel that participate on this forum. Whether we're the victims of theft of our gold machines or our nuggets, it usually the cops we call for help. As I stated earlier, this was Rob just asking for some help and some of us trying to do just that. It's truly unfortunate that this got so off-topic.
  4. I'm with Jennifer on this one. The listing on eBay was extremely fishy. I live approximately 20 miles from San Gabriel, CA. In an attempt to help Rob in any way I possibly could, I sent two messages to the eBay seller. One, if the item was available to look at and two, was it available for local pick up. No response from the seller. Other forum members also had no response to questions asked. The listing got yanked in a heartbeat. I'm not saying anyone is a crook, but I am sure going to check things out before I dish out $5,600. Remember what this was all about, Rob got ripped for a $8,000 detector, people here were just trying to help him. And......Adam, you need to calm down.....geezzzz