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  1. x2 for evo or elite 14x9. That was my favorite when I had a GPX5K
  2. I also know people who have worked on making their own chip, as well, but the connector becomes an issue as it looks like Minelab bakes their own. The coils *are* currently available for purchase out of Australia. But they will ship from Russia. Some orders (like mine) arrive quicker, others take a bit to get through Russian customs. I am sure Minelab will have a product come out to compete. That is the good thing about the Russian coils. It puts the pressure on Minelab because it proves that Minelab lied to everyone in saying they cannot fit the wire. In truth, they just don't
  3. I will add a few details: 1) if you're in Saturated ground (a lot of AZ ground is) then there will be some places that the 10" coil will not run well - I am working to test various ferrite balancing alternative to solve this and will hopefully have feedback soon 2) to run the Xcoil, you have to make an adapter cord (zoom in on my 10" coil pic). this requires you taking one of your current coils and cutting the end off of it to modify it. (lots of soldering required) 3) the coil from Russia comes with ONLY the coil. No arm included like the 19" does So there are
  4. I got out this morning to do a review on a new Russian10" Xcoil that I received for the GPZ. But let me state firstly that I am not a dealer, I paid for this coil myself and have no self interests other than reporting what I find as I see it. So here it goes: I headed off to the gold fields of Arizona at about10:15pm last night. It was 105F outside but it was dropping. So it looked like this was going to be a fairly comfortable night for detecting. The goal of this trip was: 1) compare the Russian 10" Xcoil to the 14x13" ML coil in respects to finding gold 2) check ferrite
  5. Yep. I would put on your gold digging cape and placer that area like Adam said. At least you don't have much overburden to move. To be honest, anytime I get more than a couple pieces in a short stretch, I pull away some overburden and usually get a lot more. (we don't talk about the other times when I don't find anything)
  6. Nice work, Tom. Both on the gold and getting back up and running.
  7. Best wishes too your dad, Tom. He's one awesome guy. I have a feeling he'll be tearing it up again soon.
  8. Nice one! Looks like you've been working it. Good job!
  9. Best wishes to your father, Rob. It is amazing how far we have come with medical science.
  10. ha..ha ... "But Satisfaction Brought Him Back!!
  11. Funny, CK. I get the same blue dew .. Sometimes the gold we find with the GPZ is so small, it barely covers the cost of the dew.
  12. Cowkiller - that 4.5 grammer *was* sweet. Here I thought my 2.5 grammer would win size for the weekend and you had to go one up me. You're killing it lately. Now Rob, though... he's on his own level of awesome. I want my next chunk to be a slugger like those!