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  1. Back in the good old days we used a Midland base station, 5/8 wave ground plain antenna and a D104 mic and talked skip on SSB half the night all over the world. We never had a linear amp, but knew plenty that did. Nice thing about SSB is frequency shift allowed unlimited use of frequencies. When using SSB the frequencies are bendable so to speak. Very similar to the modern multi frequency walkie talkies these days. Back in those days you had to tune it manually where as the new stuff you just set to a number. Linear amps allowed you to "blow their doors off" so to speak, lol. Good times back then as you could communicate for the price of a good radio setup. No fees like modern cell phone crap. We used to exchange post cards, called QSO cards with people all over the world. Never could stay connected for long because of the way radio waves move around the planet, but it was fun and you never knew where your signal would land talking skip. Still have the whole setup in storage. Haven't even thought of setting it up in well over 30 years. I agree Doc. I wouldn't be too worried about breaking the law if it came down to my ass being in a life or death situation. However there are better and more reliable ways today to get help like search and rescue. A SPOT or any other GPS locator emergency beacon would likely get you help quicker. Dennis
  2. Well Doc, there is a reason for that. Those are operating at HAM radio frequencies. A person is supposed to be licensed by FCC to use HAM radios. The 2-way radios anybody can use only put out something like 1/2 watt per FCC regulations. Technically we are supposed to be licensed to use the GMRS functions on the standard 2-way radios like the GXT. I'm sure most people failed to read that part of the manual. Not that FCC is running around in black-ops vans covered in antennas like they did back in the 70's, but I would not want to get caught transmitting on HAM radios illegally. That would likely be similar to getting caught hunting illegally on an indian reservation. In other words confiscated radios and huge fines, not to mention possible jail time. With all the legitimate HAM operators monitoring the radios these days, a person could easily be heard and tracked even out in the middle of nowhere desert areas we prospect in. Just my two cents worth of what I know about that. Dennis
  3. I had to double check on Google Earth. You are in the proper place if at the spot you marked on the map. The other place I thought you where at looks very similar and is just a little east and north of there. It would be easy to get down the wrong trail out there without a GPS. Even with a GPS you could be in the wrong place if not set proper. Just to make sure the GPS settings are WGS84 with degrees, minutes to be in sync with RRP map. I haven't been down there in a couple of years. There should have been some exposed bedrock a short distance upstream of where you were at. Be a good spot to start detecting. Lots of trash down there from old workings. I've spent a lot of time on that wash further down surveying a claim for a GPAA member. No exposed or shallow bedrock down there and probably pretty deep. Be careful of where you are down there. The RRP claim is butted up to another claim to the north, upstream a short distance. I know the guy, he's ok, but has a sour taste in his mouth after sharing one of his claims with GPAA for a couple years. The members pretty much dug holes all over and made a mess so he's not as sociable as he used to be if he finds somebody prospecting on his claim. Good luck out there. Hope you find something worthwhile for your efforts. Dennis
  4. I think you missed the claim. Did you use a GPS to navigate to the claim? I recognize where you parked, all I want to say is that ain't it. Don't prospect there that is the wrong claim. You are too far east. Dennis
  5. We use Midland units. They work pretty good. All walkie talkies are basically cb radios. Back in the 70's they had more wattage. These units are pretty low powered and pretty much work by line of sight for the best range. They seem to work well when we are in the same gully just around a few corners from each other, or if one of us is up higher than the other. Being on the other side of a hill from somebody in separate gullies probably won't work with any of them. FCC cut the wattage on all cb radios many years ago so they really don't have much range these days.
  6. Although I haven't been out much the last couple years, I must say I am impressed with my Steelphase. It has helped me hear targets I have missed without it. I have also discovered that the Garrett wireless system actually hinders the Steelphase. I have tried it on both sides of that wireless system and it doesn't allow the Steelphase to show it's full capability. I will likely acquire the Minelab wireless unit in the future to see if it fares better as I do like being separated from the detector. The Steelphase and the SDC2300 together is a deadly combo in the right hands. Dennis
  7. More like a super patch. That's dang awesome work, congrats !!!! Dennis
  8. I didn't say the Rye area doesn't look good. However for every good area between Payson and Rye, highway 87 and the Mazatzals, there are just as many crappy areas in the same general area. Some good ground, some not so good. Same in lots of areas. Just how it is . Not every inch of ground in a mineralized area is favorable for minerals. Dennis
  9. Mazatzal Mountains, wilderness area, nobody mining up there. Could have been anything. West over the Mazatzals would be north of Bartlett and Horseshoe lakes. Stuff flying over the area all the time including air evac and fighters from LAFB. There's even a guy that flies around south of Rye with a powered paraglider.
  10. That's right Clay. The RRP claim is a new file. Could be an error on location, but the claim location info is coming up on county recorders page and BLM as of yesterday. It certainly overlaps B&G. Could be more to it than we can know online, but doesn't look good to me. I actually found a nugget a couple years ago after the superstition club amended those claims after fees went up, like so many claim owners did. I was north of the amended claim just off the new claim boundary on what would have been their claim before the amendment so I know there is gold there for sure. That section has a lot of lode claims on west side of it. I suspect since the fees are still being paid at BLM, according to records, that a family member is still paying them. However either the county is way behind online posting records or the original claimant has maybe passed and the family isn't familiar with the whole process and has failed to file proper documents with county. I guess since I live 1 block from recorders office in Payson that I should walk over there and see if I could do some boots on the ground research. Not sure if the Payson office can produce the necessary info though. Might have to go down to Globe to get the full picture. I suspect this might be the case because the original claimant was diligent with his paperwork for many years. Garikfox is correct with what he posted above. That's how I found it yesterday. Land Matters gives a good starting point for sure. SE corner of section 6, NE corner of section 7. Typical 20 acre rectangle split in half by the 2 sections running lengthwise north-south. I've spent some time in the area. The old Lisa Hope claim was one of those in the area that was paper filed to sell a few years back. I spent many a day down there trying to survey that claim for the person that bought it. Unfortunately I was unable to prove it for that person. Lots of lead shot as it is a popular place for quail with many local hunters, but no bedrock and never found a speck of gold on that claim. Bedrock is very deep. Owner was a GPAA member living back east that never set foot on the claim. Haven't heard from him in a few years. He was old and might have passed as well. Unfortunately there are still quite a few people that got scammed into buying bogus paper filed claims in the Payson area that are still paying fees on them with BLM today. I won't mention any names here, however I'm sure Clay knows what and whom I am talking about. Same people did the same all over the state a few years back. I know of one that some lady purchased a 3.5 acre portion of one of those bogus claims for an unknown amount and she has been paying maintenance fees at BLM for many years now. Nothing ever filed with the county. Went looking for it one day out of curiosity. Nothing but ancient volcanic mud flow. I hate crooks that take advantage of people like that. Garikfox, if you happen to talk to RRP office, you might mention our concern. I have a bunch of stuff on my plate right now and too busy working during normal business hours to contact them. Dennis
  11. I am also a RRP member. I live in Payson so I had to look this new claim up and do some research. Might be a problem. I hope they did their research at the BLM and county because BLM still shows active claims where RRP filed this new claim. According to Gila County document search online there are no proper notices filed this year with county. However they just may not be coming up online yet. BLM records show they paid fees for this year and claims are still active. I know the area and the claim belonged to the Superstition club, not sure of the actual name of this club, but I know they have had claims here a few years and last I knew the members have been working them. It is a good area so I hope I am wrong, but my research online it doesn't look favorable for RRP. It's not a complete coverage of claim to claim, but the other club has the gulches claimed if still valid. Just saying. Dennis Claim name is B&G
  12. That expansion allows it to push into the pores and work better. It's not too strong of expansion so tape is usually enough to keep it from pushing apart. The main thing is getting the parts back together as close and tight as possible. You have plenty of work time with it. Might be difficult doing both sides at the same time. Might be able to put a piece of wood or something between the two sides, bolted to hold them in proper alignment so you can keep proper spacing between them. I've not had good luck with any super glue with parts that have any stress on them during normal use. I'm not sure if there is enough material in there to do this, but you might be able to drill and pin those feet to the shaft for more durability after Gorilla Glue. I have done that with 1/8'' diameter Delrin plastic dowel for pins with good success. Delrin is a super strong nylon like plastic. I have all my GPX shafts pinned with it as every shaft I have has broken free from the end piece and left me with a swivel coil in the middle of nowhere at one time or another. Delrin is available in all kinds of shapes and sizes from any plastics manufacturer. I got 1/8'' and 3/16'' for multiple possibilities with different projects. Good stuff for sure, and can be either glued or just pushed through, cut close, and melt both ends, and smash flat to work like a rivet. I prefer the melted ends method as if it ever fails it is easy to remove and replace. Oh, and I buy it in like 3-4 ft. lengths, whatever they sell as standard. Hopefully some of this helps you to repair that break and at least be able to keep that shaft as a backup, you know, just in case you boo boo again. Dennis P.S. Gorilla Glue would do nothing as an outside coating.
  13. Gorilla Glue. That stuff is like welding. If any adhesive will work, Gorilla Glue will......not the super glue. Pretty much will weld anything except polyethylene or polypropylene. It's activated with water. Use it sparingly as it expands 3-4 times. Don't sand as it works best if you can fit parts back together proper. Just dab a little glue on one surface, and moisten the other. Put them together as perfectly as possible and clamp together or tape together in such a way that they will not expand apart. Do one side at a time, let setup before trying other side. I have had amazing results with this stuff, way better than any super glue or epoxies. Dennis
  14. Need a dang backhoe to go with it. Gotta say I do like the fine design. Dennis