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  1. oneday


    we have sent an email a couple of weeks ago and still no reply-Pilbara prospecting supplies Karratha-ray



  2. geez--some mothers do have em. Must admit when I pre assemble the vast majority of units I sell in western Australia including the harness-- I get the operator to use and familiarise themselves with the machine as I verbally go through the start up procedure..I don't post many. regards oneday
  3. why would u want to do that Dave? its like Mercedes giving red bull the secrets of their winning motor. u certainly wouldn't want a smaller coil and with the configuration of the coils u would still have a weight problem. sorry we couldn't get to the gathering in Vegas but u never know we might see u all in Australia somewhere. regards oneday
  4. u certainly wouldn't go into difficult..u will walk over gold. mainly used General and Normal with Sensitivity between 13-17. when we used Extra Deep the targets were a little suppressed but they were targets. General found a fair amount of gold. Make sure u check the skid plate to ensure its secured to the coil -- tape the coil to the skid plate especially on the front end..very important-- clean the skid plate after about 20 hours of use to see if u have picked up much dust. the skid plate cannot be rotated 180' unfortunately. regards oneday
  5. mate I don't want to stomp on your head but maybe u should check with the Australian Airlines re their policies. furthermore u need to sign a declaration if u r airfreighting lithium ion batteries just like minelab do thats why they have a minimum charge in the battery. theres a lot of battery power in a detector battery compared to a mobile phone otherwise we would be using mobile phone batteries to run our detectors. r oneday
  6. hi BJ firstly let me tell u that u need to do a lot of homework otherwise a group tour is the way to go. u need a Western Australian Miner Right--$25aud u will not be able to bring a li-ion battery on the plane its hot in WA from now through to April next year temps will be regularly in the high 30'c-40'sC over 100'F plan your trip as well as u can coz most of the time u will b driving past gold looking for gold. u will need a vehicle preferably a 4X4 Toyota or similar. u can hire campers to tour with and they have a bed, water, fridge, power etc etc. how lon
  7. well finally got one in my hot little hands --all changed over and she certainly looks the part. u will be pushing a lot of power to the 19" coil so I recommend a spare battery it certainly dewarfs the 14" coil however make sure u have a H/D bungy cord coz u r going to need it for the comfort factor.. A lot of work has gone into the coil so heres hoping we can come back tomorrow with a few pieces.. regards Oneday http://
  8. why do people buy a heap of small nuggets rather than the nicer 10-15gram nuggets? i have a heap of small nuggets and i generally smelt them down into 10oz bars and sell them to the Perth Mint. i have got a 370 gram nugget with some quartz yet its a lot harder to sell. Ebay is flooded with small nuggets yet they all seem to sell. Maybe I should try something different. regards oneday
  9. Hi Jen I am familiar with the girls that prospect this great land. If u want to find gold then its the West coast that u need to prospect in. People need to do their homework befor they embark on a tour. we r lucky as we only have to travel 5 miles and u can start swinging. thanks for the invite to a drink but I only drink Mid Strength beer and not much of it. regards oneday
  10. u must have been on the East Coast. we will hopefully be Dry Blowing some great country with nuggets going down some 6' . the aim is to get 1 oz a day minimum and from what I have seen and been involved with that's certainly achievable. hope your situation gets resolved. regards oneday
  11. if u r looking for places to detect, then I recommend u start with books called GOLD AND GHOSTS. There are about 4 versions all covering different states of Australia. The Black and Blue versions are about Western Australia. I reckon we have most of the gold compared to the rest of the states of Australia. U need a Miners Right to detect in western Australia and this licence is for life. $25aud. Don't come down in our summer as temps are always over 100'F and Marble Bar gets to a constant 45'C March to October are the best times. regards oneday
  12. sounds like I might have to get a copy of Rob and see if it can be posted down under.. regards oneday
  13. sure has had a lot of work done in there. Spectacular looking place as well. if u were in Oz u could borrow mine. regards oneday
  14. geez Jen, if i had claims worth what u have briefly detailed above then the last thing I would worry about would be a detector. But ones thing for sure its a bloody good package as well as 2 of the best detectors on the market currently. good luck regards oneday
  15. GEEZ Doc there has to be an easier way than that surely. for those who are mentally challenged then I think a few people will struggle. maybe ask a friend... regards oneday