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  1. Probably at the end of the year we will see something.
  2. That is scary for the family but looks like he is fine and well. I saw on another forum that he is OK.
  3. Your a good man Rob. I really doubt that you re reprinting Jim's books for the money but rather to keep his legacy alive.
  4. Nice video and gold. If you are interested in a outstanding crevice tool check Blades by Baz on Facebook. They are all hand forged he also makes some really nice knives. He is in Australia. I’ve been using one since early December it’s part of my NOX kit.
  5. And you didn't need an X coil. 😁 Congrats on the gold.
  6. Funny what 25 years will do to a guy. HAHA You both still look good.
  7. Thanks for sharing the videos. Congrats on the gold.
  8. Thanks Rob. I know it was just a book but your service has always been unequaled. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the update. Yea I think you are right about it getting worse before it gets better. Take care.
  10. Thanks Doc I received it yesterday. I give you some feed back in a few days.