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  1. Thanks Doc I received it yesterday. I give you some feed back in a few days.
  2. No Worries Barry. Very sorry for your loss.
  3. Does anyone know if these still get updated?
  4. "I have an SD/GP or GPX and I lay claim to Doc's new Nugget Stalkerâ„¢ Model #SPX Cuff Cover."
  5. If I read the rules right looks like new members can not sell or transfer their membership anymore well I guess their spouse gets it. So I don't know when this started but I imagine that the membership that is allowed to sell is getting shorter by the day.
  6. I would also look into Fist full of Gold by Chris Ralph. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  7. V-sat but I really don't want to ship that's way I asked your location. You can't go wrong with either the GB-2 or the Whites goldmaster series.