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  1. Do you still have the master video? If so you should look into re releasing as a video download.
  2. No. There is another manufacture in Russia that makes coils for the GPZ called X-Coils. You have to make an adapter to bypass the chip if you wiring it wrong you could fry your detector. The NF is plug and play.
  3. Your a tease. HAHA Come on this is good reading. Seriously thanks for posting these.
  4. Nice post and nice to see you posting here again.
  5. Congrats Rob. Now get busy cleaning them up for the family photo😉.
  6. Nice gold Rob. I thought you were being too quiet now I know why.😉 You may want something like this. https://shop.buildsbybaz.com/?product=builds-by-baz-crack-scratcher-prospectors-friend
  7. Your story about your first 1 oz nugget you talk about your next goal which was a pounder. Click on the link in my first post. You did find a 12 ozer right?
  8. Hi Rob, Just an FYI if I click on the online store tab at the top of the page it takes me to this. https://www.robsdetectors.com/ Which is OK but you need to update the story about the 12oz er. I did make it to the store.