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  1. Well at least they didn't bite. Everything else does......Fly's and all I'd go back in a minute.
  2. Hope to get down that way next month. I want to see Tony Pancake and do a little hunting.
  3. Check out the fly's on the net.......
  4. It's to big to ever be used. As big as it is there is a lot of people out there looking..
  5. My neighbor Fred and I took the trip to W. Australia. flew to Kalgurly rented a mine truck and drove to Leonora, Stayed at the White House Hotel. Hunted all over that area. The GPZ7000 worked well in the hot ground. found a 18 gm. Spec. Meet a lot of really great people saw some camels, lizzards and snakes. Steve Carr (Nugget in Hand Prospecting) really helped us out and showed us some good area that produced.. Tony and Liza at Gold Talk Leonora (great people)put on a 3 day class that really helped us learn the way to hunt over there The only thing I didn't like was the $10.00 beer and the long plane ride......and the fly's .I'd go back in a heartbeat.
  6. bjretired

    T-Bone's Big Nugget

    There was a story going around after T Bone passed that the railroad guys found a pill bottle 3/4 full of nuggets when they where cleaning up the debris. We spent a lot of time out in the Eugene Mt.s Most of my old friends Dr. Bob, Jimmy, Ronny D, Dick Baily and someone just told me that Smokey passed away. I still have a load claim out there but it's not the same. Bob
  7. Thanks for the Info. We are flying into Kalgoorlie driving to Leonora. taking a 3 day class from Gold Talk. I have a 3000 and have upgraded to a 7000. 19 1nd 14' coils. Fred my neighbor is going to use the 3000. I'll leave the GB2 at home. Staying at the White House hotel , bar Rest. Got the APLA, international drivers lic. need to get the miners rights when we get there. going to stock up with supplies, Sat phone rental, gas cans ,water containers, emergency food, tire repair kit, etc. I have uhf / vhf radio, gps, in Kalgoorlie. My 3000 has the Peter Woodward Mods and only runs about 10 Minutes on the small Lithium batteries I used with it before, so I need to use the large gel cells with it. those will be taped and in cargo , the lithium batteries for the 7000 have to be in my carry on bag. I have Been talking to a few people over there trying to get as much Info as possible Gold Talk folks seem very nice very helpful they have access to a lot of hectors N of Leonora that we can use. That would be a good start. Still trying to figure out the Tengraph system and how to over lay on to google Earth. We are leaving April 5th so it's getting close. Not looking forward to the 28 hours of flight time and Having a steering wheel on the right side of the car........ my email is Can't wait to get there.
  8. The first year, we assisted Hoss Blackman when he had a GPAA tour group.  This was just when the the SD 2000 came out.  The tour group had all US detectors, Gold Bugs and Whites, my wife had a Minelab Gold Striker and Hoss and I had 2000's.


    We'd go out to a patch north of Leonora, and there was small gold every where.  For some.  Hoss found lots of small pieces, and some nice 1 oz + pieces at depth.  I found enough that I was happy (first real prospecting trip, still learning machine) and my wife found several small pieces.  The tour group found ZIP.  Ground too hot, just covered with small ironstone.


    So is it worth while taking a US VLF machine?  Not in my mind.  Don't know what you'll be using, but I'd suggest buying a used Minelab, 3000 or Extreme or better, and just taking the box.  Sell it when you get home.  That said, some of my aussie professional prospectors still carry a SD2200, as they feel it handles deep ground as well as anything.


    Just our opinions.


    Gary and Agnes

  9. Hi,


    Just got back on the forum for a number of years.  Too long  :)


    Well, my wife and I started to go to West Australia (WA) in 2016, went most years until 2014.  Up north of Kal, around Leonora,Laverton and north mostly.  Usually for 3-4 months, sometimes more.

    I'd be glad to let you pick my brains (what are left anyhow) here on the forum, or for more detailed stuff, maybe the email would be better.

    Things always change, but we never had problems with taking batteries with us.  We mostly used small batteries, such as Coiltek used to sell, or sold now by an unnamed dealer.  Smaller, lighter, easier to carry.  One year we did carry the bigger batteries from Minelab, and had to get a document from Minelab stating capacities, etc., and had to carry them as checked baggage.

    Mostly flew out of Seattle, either using Singapore Airlines (great airline), ask me sometime about flying between Indonesia and Perth, starting out with two engines and ending up with one.  Mostly flew using airline miles with Alaska Air and Qantas out of Seattle again.


    You will love the country, the people and the gold.






  10. Lithium batteries: I found out that no Lithium batteries in the cargo area, You can take them with you in your carry on if they are in a plastic baggy with the terminals tapped. One more question. Should I take the GB2 with me as a spare detector? I'm just thinking the hot (ironized) ground might be a bit much for it. bob
  11. Fred; thanks for the Info. Can't say I remember Rosie and Dave. Might if I saw them. I've been up here since 1982. I'm looking at the Leonorra area. They have a three day class and a lot of land to access after the initial three days. Not cheap but worth it if it's not hammered it would be worth it. They seem like nice people via my emails. . It's 10 hours from Perth. I wonder if they rent off road rv's.....Thank's bob
  12. Easy guys no one needs to get stomped.... Have a Fosters. I do have another question. Looking on line under miners tenements. It says I need miners rights. Ok then it says miners Lic. .? Also all the claim Info got really confusing . What's it take to spend the money go over there take a 5 to 10 day tour. To figure out what's going on and go out on our own for the rest of our months stay.? Or just hook up with someone over there that wants some company to share expenses. Being a Rooky to the area I don't have a problem paying for the experience. From what I have read is it can be rugged out there and I want to learn in a short time the best way of going about it. Should I rent a vehicle and gear (have detectors). in Perth or wait till I get to my destination? thanks bj
  13. Thanks guy's. I can stay for about a month. Figured I'd do a 10 day tour to get the lay of the land and learn the many rules that seem to be in place about places to hunt then go out on my own for the remaining time. Hopefully I will have my 19 " coil for the GPZ soon. Like you say I really need to do my homework. I'd like to go in April. I've been hunting for the past 25 years but haven't got a clue on how to hunt WA. I meet a guy (Hyderdal? red headed guy back in the 80's) who just got back with a sack of really nice pieces. I've wanted to go ever since. Now that I'm getting older guess it's time to get it
  14. Trying to plan a trip to Perth Western Australia. Would really like to hear from you guys that have been there. I don't really want a guided tour but would like to hook up with someone over there who knows the area and is honest. Is there any problems bringing in my own detector (gpz) ? I have been wanting to get over there for 20 years . Figure I better go before I run out of time...... any help would be appreciated. bj