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  1. Rockpile

    Here's a toad!

    Beautiful boulders of gold!!
  2. Cottonwood California would be a lot closer!! I’d Have let ya go with me
  3. Scouted a different ravine this morning and stumbled a little patch that yielded these beauties!!
  4. I had started my morning hunt in a new location. I was in draw on a tree covered hillside that the ole timers had worked with toms and ground sluicing. Great place to look for some yeller! I started on a cut bank next to a few hand stacked rock piles.. nothing but boot tacks and bits of wire. I looked across the small creek to a promising spot on the other side. Dropped my backpack. And started rock hopping across the creek. For what ever reason.. I had my detector at my side, usually it’s I stepped from one rock to another my detector let out a nice mellow weeeewoooo...strange how some nuggets are found purely on accident. I’m so impressed that my detector picked up that target in 6” of water and my coil wasn’t breaking the surface. That 3-1/2 grammar was wedged down in a crack, took me a bit to get the bedrock to bust apart!! Man I love the hunt!!!
  5. Rockpile

    Gpz threshold

    Thanks for the solid info!!
  6. Rockpile

    Gpz threshold

    Ya I agree, I learned on my 4000 to listen for a warble or a break in the threshold. I'll definitely be going back to my comfort zone ??
  7. Rockpile

    Gpz and wet ground

    I haven't received the ferrite ring as of yet. But I can't wait to try it out!
  8. I recently heard of setting the threshold to 1 on the gpz. At first I thought it was a ludicrous idea, so on my last outing I decided to check out for myself. I usually end up in moderate to hot ground, mainly on account of all the magnetite in the dirt. I did my ground balance, set the threshold to 1. Zero on smoothing, 17 on sensitivity!! (Crazy) general and normal....I found five nuggets that day! Nothing huge.. 2 grammer was the biggest piece. I was just surprised that I hit anything with that setup. Detector ran dead quiet until I hit a target. Anyway I'd like to hear other pros and cons on running a virtually nonexistent threshold
  9. Rockpile

    Gpz and wet ground

    Thanks for the feedback. I was able to run my machine on wet ground for the first time.. zero issues.
  10. I'm being told by a buddy of mine that the gpz doesn't like wet ground. Does anyone have any feedback on whether this is true or not? I've yet to swing my gpz over wet ground. Any pointers would be great!!
  11. Rockpile

    Finally some meat

    Very nice!
  12. Just thought I'd share my finds from the first two outings with my new gpz. It should be said that the ground I'm searching in the second(second picture was my first time swingin my gpz) pic has been hit by every other detector under the sun. The grass is tall an dead, very tough conditions. The first photo is in a new area I found with my gpx4000. Again, extremely tough area, heavily forested old diggins with sticks everywhere! The duff was about 3" thick, hot rocks were a serious issue with my 4000... all I can say is that I absolutely love my new machine! (The 1852 3¢ piece was found on my first trip out)