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  1. Happy Birthday Rob from California.....48 man it beats 51....enjoy the 40's while you still can.
  2. Yeah lets leave politics out , its getting old and its all over the damned media. We are to politicized as it is, this forum should be a refugee for those who share the same passion for gold prospecting. Lets respect this forum and the owner.
  3. Man those just do not come around very often....congrats on hitting a lunker!!
  4. Looking for a 11" Commander Mono coil at a decent price. I know many have upgraded to the Evo or Elites.....must be some laying around in those closets...
  5. My first gold machine was the Whites V-Sat.....found over 120 small gold nuggets, largest 1.3 dwt. Super sensitive and built well. You can drop it and it keeps on ticking. The only trick is to learn to ground balance with coarse knob , than the fine knob while lifting the coil up and down. Otherwise its a fine and well capable any today. The iron disc needle worked flawless...and was very accurate..soo for the right price..100-200.its a great deal. 250-300 is pushing it
  6. Colors way off.....counterfit wanna be gold coins, weights off too.
  7. So is Bill S. site.....both were not on line yesterday..Bill site still not available......
  8. If anyone has one that they no longer need...please p.m. with details. Thanks
  9. I think its all in good fun....those who prospect or mine for gold know its fake....but dang we can dream!!