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  1. Always nice to rewatch those videos....thanks for posting them Rob....
  2. Lol......yup....they screwed me. Always take extra insurance out on anything valued over 100.00 Bucks. At least it still it could have been worse.
  3. Very they just don't come out that size often....Keeper!
  4. Awesome Bouler Dash..your perseverance is inspiring....
  5. Garikfox, I get your concern , experience with a Minelab 4500 in the field on undug targets would make his test irrelevant considering the various size nuggets and shapes I have found. I am sure the ATX is a fine machine...but you are limited on coils you can use...and overall you have more options with a Minelab. The nuggets he tested I can 100% guarantee I could have found them with the 4500 just depends on the coil used and settings....I hunt with Mono coils...and I also cover the same ground multitudes of times with various size coils and I do that many, many times over the same ground. For the money...I think the Minelab 4500...and perhaps 3 coils will do the job for most targets and depth. After that it's just a matter of learning how to use various ground conditions, coil choice for the days hunt, and for me swing control and listening to the sounds of the detector, the ability to tell a target from sudden EMI and ground noise. Sounds complicated, but it's not....the more you hunt the more you will learn the language your detector is speaking. The majority of professional nugget hunters still use the Minelab...there is a reason for that.
  6. There is no perfect need a small, medium and and large. But most important you need ground with gold in it...go for the 11" Mono Commander. I had the Evo and Elite all good coils, but that 11" mono will serve you gets the tiny small ones and punches deep. And it's affordable.. As far as a medium coil, I would chose the Round 15" Nuggetfinder Evo for the bigger deeper ones and it's also a coil you could swing all day...and sensitive to small little flakes and nuggets. We could talk coils all day, but you also need to concentrate on your swing speed and proper settings for the ground you work.
  7. Sweet....looks like its pretty much right on...Thanks Doc.
  8. Ohhh man !! Look at those nuggets.....motivation level high, thanks Rob !
  9. I have a specimen quartz / gold 242 dry and 173 at submerged weight.... did the short math came to 77.30 grams of gold, the long formula and more accurate according to the video came to 72.4 grams. Regardless if its off, plus or minus its nice to have an idea of amount.
  10. With my 4500 and Sadie coil....2.5 grains is not unusual. The key is to know the right settings and coil control. I am sure the 5000 is better on small gold, but the 4500 depth is hard to match.