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  1. Rob, thanks for the call back today about those scoops. Nice to see prompt service.
  2. I found my first nugget about 65 years ago . Never lost the interest. I'm sure Woody found gold long before his first "detector" nugget.
  3. I would like to order a couple but link says "page not found"?
  4. I never met Woody but I was sitting in my "library" over the weekend reading a Lost Treasure magazine. Saw an article about "electronic gold detecting" written by who else but Woody! It was a 1982 edition. In reading the article, it seems that Woody found his first nugget with a borrowed metal detector in 1980. I guess it only took one to get him started.
  5. Boy, I'd buy the GB2 over the V-SAT any day. I've had both and found basically nothing with the V-SAT and pounds with the GB2
  6. Here is what the front of a real one looks like (if it comes through).... maybe compare them?
  7. Just by chance, when you went with Hoss did you have a gentleman by the name of Norm Hatcher in the group?  He was from Yreka CA

    Was a good friend of mine ..... Passed on a couple of years ago

    That guy had 80 pounds of gold!!

  8. they seem to be up and running again? ok!
  9. The two forums that Jim Foley has... the Alaska Gold Forum and The New 49ers Forum have gone down permanently. This was beyond his control. He will be working on setting up new forums.