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  1. Same park only digging 11-14 on the nox..... 14k men's ring! The ring was a steady 13.
  2. Yeah a park in down town Buckeye, AZ. I have been there 3 times now. This was the only trip I found good stuff.
  3. The button says California highway patrol. And looks to be made of brass
  4. First off thanks Rob for the awesome customer service as always! I've been learning my new equinox 800 for the last week or so and finally swung it over a silver dime. A 1943 mercury dime. I also got 3 wheat pennies, a 1967 peso, a cool button, and about 10 dollars in change today.
  5. Haha Tom I should probably get something else to dig with. No good finds lately I have been spending my extra time building a Jeep. The ultimate gold machine! It's almost done now.
  6. So I posted this on another forum but here it is anyways. I have had problems with one of my wm12 for the gpz. It was cutting in and out and I could barely hear it was it was "working." So I decided to try and fix it or throw it away. I took it apart while it was on and the problem became clear. There was black sand stuck to the magnet. I cleaned the connection then cleaned the magnet. Now it works like new.