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  1. I wish I had some old pics of my past hunts. I was lucky though. I used my GP 3000 for the first six months and was blest with great ground to hunt. I found enough to pay cash for my 7000 in one day. Now I can't remember how to use the GP anymore. I just love my 7000. Nice pictures Rob. I love to see good from others and other areas. Still, a job well done! Cheers John
  2. I have already enjoyed those beautiful buzz worms. I think they are a very pretty snake. I grew up with them around and respect them. I don't go poking my self in their house and wish to be treated the same. Great pictures guys. John
  3. Is this a guessing game? Again? I do use an AT gold in trashy spots and have done super well with it. I hope they get into some gold competition as they are an American company. I haven't a clue what to expect. Or I have a thought to myself but I won't say yet. I heard some scuttlebutt from other places that there is super cool gadgetry coming this way. This year. By three companies. Not to get the buzz going, grab your hats folks and keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times! Cheers to all John
  4. Tis Yankee good I seek! Where I find it's really neat It comes from the spot where coil and soil meet! I can't say where but I'll be back there in a few weeks I know. Again thanks to the cheering section! Cheers John
  5. The weight of the big one is 5.8 Troy ounce and the total for my day was 6.1
  6. I have very mild soil for the gpz and gpx and gp machines. However the vlfs don't like most if it I guess it's right on the edge of ether type machine. I did at first have an issue with sensetivity 20 untill, I started the auto ground balance for the first thirty minutes. After the auto ground balance for the first thirty minutes I change to manual. After that I switch to the frequencies and adjust manually up or down remembering the one the machine chose. This takes out more worble. Then make sure to ground balance with the ferrite ring, both before and after the auto and manual ground balance change. I have learned to except some noise and have spent many hours digging for a simple 10 or 12 gram piece at extreme depth. The deepest I found with the 14" is 38 inches. The 19" is 42 inches on a multi ouncer. I use a shovel and pack a wide variety of tools when I go out. I guess my moto is "Run it on kill and learn to live on the edge." John
  7. Thank you Mike. I will give it a try for sure. I have been running 20 in sensetivity and in normal ground and high yield. Seems to be OK with threshold a bit lower. I am running a B&Z so I have extra volume to play with. I also start in auto ground balance and run there for about 30 minutes then switch to manual. I found it gets more stable then. I have some gofer holes that run water and it gets noisy. That's why I run in auto then to manual. I also have two air ports near. This makes for a big freak out noise sometimes. More noise with helicopters flying over. Those whirlybirds sure get the zed excited. John
  8. I would love to know if the soil was wet or dry and if it was hot or not. Maybe a setting sequence??? Cheers John
  9. Well I started playing with paint ( mostly snuffing) when I was young. I found that letting toothpaste sit out on the edge of the sink will dry it out a bit. After a week you can spray away. I can say the state these came from was the state of excitement. Or that's where I found them. Far to the left side of the country about in the middle or half way up.
  10. After being under the weather and rain non stop I felt I had to go. I set out for a nice day under partly sunny(that's optimistic) skies. OK it started raining and lightning and wind. I'm glad I got out. After a ton of can slaw and a thousand rounds of .22 slugs I settled in to a small patch I think. I found one after the other and lightning was abound. I just had to leave. Here is my day. The total was 16.1 penny weight the large J nugget was 12.2 penny wieght.
  11. Yes I'm positive that's not a typo. It took me almost 30 minutes to get deep enough and the ground water was running at the 28" level. Or that's where it was sitting. I had to go the full length of my coil almost twice to reach a screamer. Then sifting through the muck it was there. Now, I have to say that I hate digging in the mud and slime. I do enjoy a great payday. And even a bad day detecting is better than a good day doing much else.
  12. Fred, I would have to say that I've not been able to pinpoint with super accuracy with the 19. I played with it today again and got great results shallow but then try fitting 19" of a coil into a hole and then be able to wiggle a bit. It's been my experience that a shovel close by is the best for the soil I have. I use markers or the like to mark a spot after about eight or so I'll go back and dig them all. It just works better for me that way. I do have an issue with grass catching g the edges and the rubber bumpers on ether end of the coil. I will be figuring out something to stop that. And the covers are so thin like the 14 covers were. Last but not least, I don't film anything where I'm at. I don't want to give up any land marks. I will film when I first d something that looks multi ounce though. I just haven't had that luxury just yet. John