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  1. I have no idea if this is legit, that will shake itself out in time. High end detectors are a niche market. We can't expect used prices to remain high forever. Everything depreciates. Right now I see a greater supply than demand. We'll just have to see where the curve and trends lead to equalibrium. Rob, Bill and a few others keep their fingers on the price pulse and are good & trusted guides with fair market value. I don't get on the internet often enough to watch detector prices. Having a Z for sale myself we'll have to see where it all lands.
  2. GPZ 7000 for sale $5,500.00. Cash only. Ammo boxes and ammo not included 😉 This detector is in excellent condition. Purchased from Rob. The serial number is shown below. Used but never abused. This is a great deal, especially with the extras. Comes with an extra battery, heavy duty aftermarket coil cover, and Doc's detector/wireless/screen cover. Wireless WM 12 speaker module and headphones included. The original little iron ferrite ring cracked, but I just wrapped red duct tape around it and have seen no performance difference. I have a new one for you too. The ferrite ring is not part of the detector, it's just another method to ground balance. You can read more about the ferrite ring here. I have a new ferrite ring for you too. You also get a Camelbak hydropack attached to the Minelab harness. You'll just need your own bladder. The Camelbak is not new, it's just one of my older ones. I have several detectors, can't swing them all at once, and I don't want to see this machine collect dust. It's paid for itself for me and I'm sure you'll do well with it too. This is a great deal for the price, especially with the extras. Going to reinvest the money into my next detector model adventure. It's a lot of fun trying different machines out. Send texts or PMs. Text preferred as I don't get on the internet every day. (928) 298-5775. Please text before calling as I don't take calls from unknown numbers due to the amount of scams out there. Sale will likely take place in Arizona. If I don't return your text right away we're likely traveling and not in a service area. Please don't make lowball offers, the price is firm and very fair. We both have better ways of spending our time.
  3. Good stuffs bro. Looking forward to seeing how the SP01 performs in the field in a few weeks when we camp out with Las. Lots of gold left in the area you mentioned, no doubt
  4. Been traveling around Colorado. Beautiful state with a rich mining history. In Telluride now for a few days. Just chilling out after 7 days of camping and being off grid here and there. Been visiting national parks and mining country. Prospecting and detecting in national parks is not allowed. Colorado has lots of country to beep and prospect. Endless mines and hiking. Hope you are all staying cool wherever you are. Getting back on the road soon. Life is good. Enjoy the pics... No visible gold but screams on the Gold Bug. Lots of pyrite showing. Gold and pyrite do run together so we'll know more when we crush it. Nice molybdenum specimen. Some cubic pyrites. My daughter and I at the Old 100. Very cool tour with neat history. A nice quartz slab with gold and pyrites someone had at the Old 100. Met some kids from Missouri on the Old 100 tour who wanted to see some "real gold" so we showed them some. Inside the Old 100. Massive pegmatites in gneiss and schist at the Black Canyon of the Gunnision national park. Only 2,500 feet down to the river. Lots of great photo opportunities here. Hiking the Black Canyon. 3 pics from La Plata Canyon. A great mining history here. Met two guys while hiking who had sluices and pans who were on their way somewhere. Once we began talking gold they had to leave all the sudden. Think they were worried about their honey hole being discovered. Can't blame them for being cautious. Big mudslides below Sawpit and Placerville. It's rained every afternoon. Sometimes it's light, other times very heavy. 3 off road pics. Lots of opportunity for those who wander. A nice morning in Telluride.
  5. All depends on who you ask Ron. Makes no difference to me what anyone thinks but I do find it comical how polarized of a topic this can be for some people who live out there. You and me both, still waiting to win the lottery
  6. My family lives in Santa Rosa, about two and a half hours south west of Auburn. Beautiful country, not too far from the gold fields and very close to the ocean. Santa Rosa is kind of in the middle between Clear Lake and Berryessa if memory serves correct.
  7. Very nice find, those miles old dredge tailings offer great opportunity for those patient enough to hunt them. That must have been a wonderful evening around the campfire for her and everyone.
  8. Not much of a story. Maybe not worth posting lol Warm day, good times!
  9. Haha! You know me well bro! A belly fully of good food and a beer around a campfire after 10 hours hunting gold just relaxes me. My most restful sleeps are on the nights around a fire under the stars ?
  10. Great weather this week to be out exploring. Wednesday was especially nice. Managed a few grams of both nugget and specimen gold. The specimen you see here has a nice little vein of gold shot through it and there is more in the area it came from I'm sure. It's that time of year again where fire restrictions are coming into effect so some areas of the desert already aren't allowing campfires. Stars are beautiful at night though. Time to prepare to head north to cooler states.
  11. That is awesome Browine, thanks for the continuation of the story! Very nice gold. It's out there.
  12. I was a skeptic of the ZED long before I bought one. When I did buy one and invested a few hundred hours into learning it in the field, I then realized how capable and versatile it really is. It's huge leaps forward from many of the older (and newer) SD and GP models on the technology side. I'm not an expert in all things ZED and have not broken any personal records with it but have been surprised at the gold it has found in ground that was detected many times by a wide variety of detectors, SDs, GPs, VLFs, etc. As a veteran of decades of hunting gold there is one thing that I can say for certain, you can't find gold where none exists. You can however use the tools in your toolbox (including your brain) to maximize recovery and get the true potential out of any area. Some friends and I have performed comparisons between the ZED and other units like a 4500 with a 19 inch coil. The results are mixed and likely boil down to more than just the detectors and settings. There is always a human factor involved, like focus, hearing ability and sound preferences. There is no perfect detector or magic settings, there are possibilities.
  13. Glad to help. Sensitivity is important but remember running the detector to where is you can best hear the signals and whispers is paramount. The sensitivity setting on the GPZ is more like a volume booster, it amplifies the receive signal. You may increase the sounds that nuggets make by turning the sensitivity up but you might also (will likely) do the same with ground noise and hot rocks. I've hunted areas where 2-4 has proven to be the best sensitivity setting. Again, I really encourage you to try different settings and remember there are no magic settings. One setting that is underutilized is the threshold pitch, it can really be good to experiment with it because we all hear differently. Wes is right, there are some areas that are one or two nuggets to be found but, you never know until you placer it out. I'm very excited for you to hear that the nugget was not on bedrock. Might be a good bet to pick a few 10x10 areas and slowly begin to scrape down 2-3 inches at a time and run them until you hit bedrock. Even the ZED misses so hopefully you can bring a VLF along to check that bedrock and get any tiny bits too, they can be plentiful and are sure fun to find. Looking forward to hearing about your return trip.