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  1. Rob, I just noticed that the Platypus DD Searchcoil you had listed was for Minelab coin/relic detectors. I am looking for one for the SD/GP/GPX detectors. My mistake, Rex
  2. Rob, Do you still have a Coiltek 12x8" Platypus DD Searchcoil for sale for $125 shipped? Thanks, Rex
  3. There are stock scams in every business and in every country (Including Canada.). They are just more prevalent in the mining exploration, because there is a one in a million chance of finding a ore deposit, but they do raise money and hire geologists, geophysicists and engineers that wont to find a deposit and eventually they do. The only guarantee in finding a deposit is if you are not looking for a deposit you will never find a deposit. They do not force anybody to buy there stock. Greed of the investor is what sells the stock. The biggest scam I see right now in private industry is Tesla. And our government is running the biggest Ponzi scam ever seen and they force the citizen's to participate. It is up to the individual and not the government to do the research and decide what to invest his money in.
  4. The US did away with the Penney Stock Exchange's in the 1980's, like the Canadians have. Exploration projects are high risk and this is the only way to raise money. This is what killed small mining companies in the US.
  5. Rob, I would like buy a NF 19" Evo. Can I reserve one or pre order one? Or can you contact me when they come in? Rex Jen, Congratulations on the deep 1/2 oz nugget find. I watched your video. How deep do you think it was? That adrenalin high of finding a nice piece is what keeps us out endlessly roaming the hills in search of the next fix. The NF 14x9" Evo. is also a great coil. It is like combining the NF 8x6" with a NF 14x9" Adv. coils for size and depth of gold it can find. Rex
  6. Rob, I have had level 3 modifications done to three F1A4's (The one I use, one spare and one for a friend). Mick, Detectronics, did the mod's. In my opinion, he is the master of F1A4 mods. He was highly recommended to me by Ismael. The F1A4 is a great detector based on the SD platform. It is not effected by EMI very much (It can be turned on in the house) and it has a very stable threshold. The Mod 3 Gives the F1A4 an adjustable threshold, the ability to run the detector in Ch. 1 - Ch. 2 or both, 4 timings and 5 frequencies (The highest frequency is higher and the lowest frequency is lower than the SD, GP and GPX detectors). I tested the F1A4 Mod 3 in mineralized ground against my GPX4500 (Which I sold.) using round mono coils from 6" to 25". I also compared it to my friends SDC2300. I used gold pieces from .05 grams to 40 grams. The F1A4 Mod 3 detected deeper than the GPX4500 and SDC2300 on gold pieces from .05 to .5 grams. The F1A4 Mod matched or had a little less depth than the GPX4500 on gold pieces from .5 grams to 5 grams. The F1A4 Mod 3 detected deeper than the GPX4500 on gold pieces from 5 grams to 40 grams. Rex