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  1. BD, nice gold. I use to do some night and early morning detecting to avoid the heat and rattlesnakes. Being up all night now wipes me out for the next couple of days. What detector were you using for these nuggets?
  2. I purchased a 15 inch spiral DD Detech coil a while back and first day out in very soggy ground picked up 6 nuggets for almost 15dwt. It’s a little heavy but not as bad as the 7000 coils and a bungee works just fine. Great coil.
  3. Good point. Didn’t look close enough before. I can’t make out the receipt but the business card looks like it might say Rob’s Detector sales. If it’s legit why won’t the seller respond. I’d buy it if he would respond.
  4. Most likely. They probably think that no one would think its them if their trying to sell it on one of these forum classifieds.
  5. Ya Grub I didn’t really expect one. I suspect it’s a scam or it’s a stolen unit. Was barely used it says, I’d say it was never used.
  6. I always dig a little off the top of those faint signals. If it’s not the ground mineralization the target sound will get more pronounced. Dig everything.
  7. Very nice. I like sitting my 5000 up to where it’s right on the edge of hearing ground noise as targets. A lot of that possible ground noise has turned out to be good targets.
  8. I’m surprised they sent him home knowing he needs a bypass.
  9. Just saw this, thoughts and prayers to your family Rob. Went through the same thing with my Mom and Dad.