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  1. I snuck out today in between the rain storms. I have a spot that has been producing smaller gold but this one popped up today. 28.7 grams
  2. Wow! There has been some really nice gold coming out of the ground lately! Who says it’s all worked out? The old timers in the late 1800s had a saying “ that’s deep enough “ but here we are still pulling out nice gold. It will continue for many years no matter what people say.
  3. Good work Rob. It’s always tough stepping into new ground.
  4. Here’s a few bits from November. I hit a nice pocket. I hope it continues.
  5. Looks like a telluride to me. I find a lot of that with a Detector in Colorado. Just a guess from the look.
  6. I agree! Thanks for taking the time to report. I guess Better get one and give it a go. Hey Rob? Do you have some?
  7. Yes, these were found with the 7000. It is such an effective tool.
  8. Here’s a few nice pieces I got at the end of my season in Arizona. Sorry about the dirty hand 🤣 it adds contrast.
  9. Don't forget about the discrimination power of the monster. Some areas are just too trashy for a pulse.
  10. Hey Dave, yes I have been sampling the vein as I go but there seems to be only a little fine gold right around the specimen pockets and then it goes void. Then another pocket in a few feet. I am sure there are more pockets beyond my capabilities. I will have to come back to it later when I have more resources. I do want to note that I have been swinging the 7000 since it came out and the depth on this specimen gold far surpasses any sluggy nuggets that I have seen. It's pretty incredible.