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  1. I'd let the monster go for 550. Everything else has sold. Jen, please accept my apologies. Thought someone might just toss out an offer on both machines.
  2. Monster has seen a little use but is still with everything as it came new. With the box. SOLD Also have the new pro-find 35 with the box, minimal use. SOLD Also have a GPX4500 I'd sell. SOLD As always best wishes.
  3. This turd is NLA folks, thanks for viewing. Happy New Year!
  4. Gold prospecting trommel, Built by a local company some years ago and only got used a couple times. Drum is 38"x12" and the hopper is 20"x14". This unit is capable of processing large amounts of material for it's size. It is easy to move around on large wheels with like new tires. Hopper box angle is adjustable. motor plate included, it was ran on a 220v electric setup or gas powered. It also includes a 6ft. long 12.25" wide heavy duty sluice box with riffles and punch plate. You may also want to add a mudflap depending on your application. Frame/stand powder-coated for long life. Includes the water hard lines/valves that are plumbed to the trommel. All connections have ball valves to control the water flow individually. You just need to hookup your own water pump and lay flat hoses. Includes a Honda GX120 engine, The engine was running when removed but it has been sitting for some years and will need a carburetor clean/rebuild. You will also need the belts and pulleys needed to drive the drum. There are several ways to accomplish this and it's up to you to finish as desired. It operates as intended, medical issues force me to sell. Forum member price $700cash for everything. Come and get it.
  5. The listing was active as of 11:09am when I sent them a message asking to confirm it was not a fake from china. We have a large ebay sellers account(not industry related). The listing looked suspect, no feed back, no other items, first item,location. I decided to check it after lunch and bingo the listing is gone! Rob, I have the message in my inbox. Never received a reply. You need to contact Ebay asap! The ebay name as follows: mayana2017
  6. Doc- we can both agree on one thing, quality footwear is essential to any prospector. -None of us want "blunt twigs" going through the sole nor do we want the sides to blow out "too quickly" I don't wear this brand but you might check out this military contractor. They may have what your looking for and are usually available commercially as well. https://www.bellevilleboot.com/index.php? Best wishes!
  7. Outhouse

    Gpz X coil?

    Guys-One thing we can all agree on here is that is PAYS for the prospector to have the right equipment for the "CONDITIONS". For me it's not just about small or large as much as it is about "maximizing efficiency". All of the reasons ya'll stated apply in my opinion. For example- as stated by cowkiller above his piece was on bedrock with only 3in of overburden. In those shallow conditions, the small coil WILL SEE everything small and LARGE, this we know. However, that large "lunker finder coil" WILL MISS some small ones for several different reasons. Especially them "lil wires". Different strokes for different folks.... I can hike a lot further carrying only one detector though. Best wishes!
  8. Outhouse

    Gpz X coil?

    I agree, something like the old joey coil on a gpz might make the monster obsolete.....
  9. Outhouse

    T-Bone's Big Nugget

    This is the kind of history that makes the books and lives on forever! My heart goes out to your late friend T-BONE. Those truly are the types of friends that you count on one hand. -The only way you will know if you can trust someone, is to trust them-
  10. My apologies for the incompetent photography. Like I said, not a computer/techy person. Anyway, various small gold from several different districts around AZ. Up close some even have isometric features. HAHA- this forum thing seems sorta like dating, at first your somewhat cautious and only show a lil here and there. Then, once you've gotten to know them, you share more and more. Looking forward to it. In the mean time, may your pan bottom be YELLer!
  11. With all due respect fellows, when they say "no metal" it typically means no metal shank in the sole and/or steel toe. Best wishes
  12. Well I was going to admit which (combat approved) boots get the job done but since ya'll are the spying type, maybe I'll keep that hushhh HINT- They are (hot weather,desert tan,no metal and have the Vibram treads) OH and for you savvy folk they have an NSN# applied.........See you in the GOLD fields, or NOT.
  13. History repeats itself.......night vision anyone????
  14. NICE! Those don't look like gluten free nugs...