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  1. For an unbiased 24k evaluation, please see the posts by Aussie detectorist "Aureous" on the White's Forum on Detector Prospector. For years he has used the GB II, but now he vastly prefers the 24k. He rates the 24k as being the best VLF for Australian detecting conditions. HH Jim
  2. Dash, imagine your Gold Bug 2 with ultra-fast automatic ground balance, greater ability to cope with severe soil mineralization, instantaneous ground balance via "grab", adjustable ground balance offset, greater depth potential in highly mineralized ground (with comparable search coils), frequency adjust, screen backlight, and a graph that provides soil mineralization stats and ferrous/non-ferrous target potential ID. The only advantages of the GB II versus the 24K are weight and body-mount capabilities. Try the 24k fitted with the 6.5" concentric versus the GB II with the 6"; both will readily sound off on 1/10th grainers, with the 24k doing so with a bit more depth. HH Jim
  3. Rob, those reports ARE indeed correct, the Goldmaster 24k is a totally remarkable gold finder, particularly when fitted with the 6.5 " Concentric. With my 24k, in highly mineralized soil, I have found microflakes as small as 1/20th grain. It loudly screams over 1/4 grainers. It has the best array of user-adjustable, performance enhancing features, combined with the best depth, of any VLF on the market today. HH Jim
  4. I would start by joining the GPAA, since many of the better clubs are actually Chapters of the GPAA. In So Cal the Hemet Valley Prospectors and Route 66 Gold Prospectors are really great groups of folks. If you can make it over to Phoenix this weekend for the GPAA Gold Show both of those Clubs will be in attendance. As Mike says, the GPAA has a major presence in AZ. Hope this helps; HH Jim
  5. The Gold Prospectors Association of America will be holding their highly popular Gold Shows in Phoenix at the Arizona State Fairgrounds (1826 W. McDowell) on March 2 & 3, and at Fresno at the Big Fresno Fairgrounds (1121 S. Chance) on March 9 & 10. I will have a booth ("Jim's Metal Detectors") at both locations. Hope to see you there!
  6. Bob, it wouldn't surprise me in the least that Terry had a goodly quantity of gold on him when he passed. He was in the habit of holding onto to the week's finds and then selling them to a buyer who met him for breakfast at a café in Wickenburg. Man, I still miss Terry's Southern drawl cheerfully saying "Mornin' Gee-Um." He was well liked, and a mentor to many of us. HH Jim
  7. Rob, keep up the pressure on the USPS. According to one USPS Supervisor I spoke to, upwards of 90% of all post office thefts are "in house," committed by PO employees. Several years ago I was able to definitely prove that the Postmaster at our little one-person post office had stolen our stuff. The Postmaster was only demoted to Letter Carrier. Not prosecuted or imprisoned due to the help of the Union, just demoted.
  8. Rob, neat story. Kind of reminds me of the N. AZ placer that my great grandfather found, and then lost. During the early days of the Depression he found a spot, far from "known" placers, where, by himself, and using an old hand-crank "huff and puff," he was able to modestly support his own family as well as those of his two younger brothers. Not knowing how long the Depression AND gold deposit would last, he refused to tell anyone of the location. One day, back in town, while crossing the road headed to the saloon for a beer, he was struck and killed by a brakeless truck. The location of the spot died with him. HH Jim