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  1. i have a 14x9 evo ill trade straight across you pay shipping? sorry i changed my mind bouht a nox and looking for gmt24k
  2. MXT all pro with one year of warranty left whites 10" dd coil, whites 950 concentric coil, detech whites 13u coil I am wanting to trade for a Rocker box or gold cradle text me at 907-545-4008 if interested
  3. As I sit here and wait for spring to come. I feel as if I'm going nuts. So I plan to head to the mountains this spring . I have a few questions from people with experience. Is there a way to charge a batterie in the bush or should I bring 4 batteries. This will be my first time out in a remote area by my self which brings an eerie feeling of what if something happens. Bears are prolly my number one issue I keep thinking what if I'm detecting with head phones on than than all of a sudden I'm attacked I 'll have the 44 on me but man maybe I should take a partner. We will see what happens. I'm br
  4. I had the 10x5 dd comander coil Setting sensitive extra i can hear a small piece of gold but can't hear other pieces of the same weight here is a pic the nugget near the tip screams the 2 to the side are silent why is this
  5. Why can I get the one near the tip the two in the back can't hear
  6. And why can the gpx5000 see a flat 2grain piece good but nothing on a funny shaped piece of the same weight
  7. What depth could you find those small bits at with the commander 5x10 dd