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  1. Wow wow wow!!!! Great find!!!! They are still out there!!! Congratulations!!
  2. Wow, I cant imagine leaving anything like that less of an emergency. Thats an erry find. Scott
  3. I went back and cleaned out the crack where my first detector gold came from.... I can only imagine what is waiting. I think i have the fever again....
  4. Awesome idea! Im guessing this is so you dont have belly in a spoon to deal with.... more of a flat area with sides so you can spread out the material?
  5. Thank you for the insight, i suppose a smaller coil will be a good fit for me for the gold im after. I see the GPZ posts and it is really impresive what people are finding! Im hooked and excited to see what i dig up next!
  6. Yea the ring caused a couple of interferences. I am hooked! Thank you!!
  7. Im new, is a small coil stronger for a specific depth? I can see it being useful in small holes or tight spots but general ground coversge will suffer?
  8. A couple weeks ago a good friend of mine (a member on this forum) suprised me with a second hand gold bug 2. I talked to Rob for a while on the phone about pin pointers and such, he was very helpful and took the time to get me clued in on the pin pointers. Long story short, i needed to get out with my new wifey and do some detecting with or without a pinpointer. Although my first find was with my wife and not with him, I sat back and thanked him under my breath for literally saving my sanity. Below is my first gold find with the gold bug 2. 1.2 grains!. Thank you my friend! You know who you are! Rob, i greatly appreciate you calling me back.