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  1. I took my Lab Brownie with me in So Cal when it was cooler and not in AZ due to the cactus. She would walk ahead of me, lay down and wait for me to hunt to her like clockwork. She would keep me warm at night in the Jeep during colder nights. RIP Brown Nugget
  2. We are nutts for doing this in that heat but the cure for the prospect challenges are too much sometimes 🥵 nice finds!! Brownie
  3. Which City in San Bernardino? I live in Rancho Cucamonga. It’s a huge county with plenty of places😀
  4. Very nice. Like to still hear these stories 👍🏻👍🏻
  5. I had the opportunity to talk to him and he signed my book 3 hours to gold. I didn’t realize his impact until I really started to research who he was and the impact he had on the hobby. RIP Mr. Straight😢
  6. Great looking piece!! What state?
  7. Nice pile!!!! That should clink a bit in a vial.
  8. 1cm is the size of a pea. Hopefully his is small enough they can just remove it. Positive thoughts coming your way Rob! brownie
  9. I would have that x-ray’d. My wife could do it for you I bet😳
  10. These stories are so cool. The only tailings pile nugget I have ever detected was a 1.2 gram specimen. We returned 2 weeks later to this out of the way canyon to find a Drywasher and tools laying around. We detected for an hour on the slopes and the Drywasher’s owner showed up with a quad. I was a bit spooked but he turned out very friendly. He told us he was killing it in this spot. I don’t know how much he was getting but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him what I found in his tailings pile from 2 weeks before. I also pulled a 40cal slug out of that pile that could easily have been gold. “Follow those Drywashers!”
  11. Great work Rob! This is the second post of 2019 where guys found gold going out to new areas. Makes me want to change my approach for my scheduled trip tomorrow. That round piece has a grey stain or is that caliche? Brownie
  12. Thanks for the history Rob. Glad you blew off some steam with the family and got home safe! I knew gold was on your mind a bit while there. Good time to catch up on articles and maps and such, brownie