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  1. JJBOND, You can send that info to diggin4aug@gmail.com if you'de like.......hehe
  2. JJBOND, Wow looks as though you have some dedication! I know how long it takes to research a spot and place names to all those locations! Props and thank you for sharing! P.S. can you list where the coarse gold locations are Hehe
  3. Rod K, I myself was interested in an after market coil for the AT GOLD until i starting reading reviews. Seems as though not many positive reviews over the stock 5x8 coil really. Did you end up purchasing one? I'd love to hear your review! Ive got the little mono sniper coil, while i have found specimen gold with it Ive gone to my new GPX4500 with the NF Sadie and am loving it.
  4. Just wanted to say Jim, I love your books and hope that we will cross paths in the very near future! I've also been frequenting the RMMA and just saw on a Kiosk that I've been needing a permit to travel the roads out there! I'll also be stopping by Jawbone Station to pick one up. Apparently they don't expire, so that's a positive. I wouldn't mind at all to link up with another detectorist in the area. Ive been doing a fair amount of research for that general area and have been out there for 3 days or so every 2 weeks. If anybody is interested meeting up for the day or more just let me know.
  5. Jen, Thanks for the response! I ended up with the 14" elliptical evo, 15" round and the little mono Sadie. I'll have to say that the elliptical is now my "go to" coil as it it very responsive on tiny bits of lead (gold soon to come) and in my opinion it runs quieter than the stock 11" commander. The 15" is really impressively quiet and sensitive (better suited to open ground as mentioned). The Sadie was used to clean off some bedrock this past week and found it to be down right deadly at finding everything down to tiny flakes. I actually ran a test between my Garrett AT GOLD with the Super Sniper coil vs the GPX 4500 with the Sadie mono coil. Needles to say the Garrett was put to absolute shame! After "cleaning up " the bedrock with the Super Sniper, I went back with the Sadie and was surprised at the Massive amount of targets that were missed! Actually the AT GOLD missed more targets than the GPX 4500 found!
  6. Talk about throwing a dog a bone! This post is a gold mine in its own! I didn' ask but I'm going to give thanks to all you guys for being so darned open to helping people out. I've done a ton of research here in southern California (a lot of the good ground is closed) and am looking to expand my horizons a bit. Arizona is a call'n me and this info sure will help get my research going in the right direction. Much respect and thanks.
  7. Lets hear what coils everyone is using on they're GPX 4500's and most importantly why?
  8. Hello all, Whats your thoughts on the differences between the 17x13 evo vs 15 evo? Ive come across a bit of information mostly coming out of Aus in regards to the 17x13 being great for covering ground, however the coils seems to be somewhat noisy on highly mineralized ground and or near EMF producers. The 15 evo seems to be a quieter coil (comparatively) slower on covering ground, harder to pin point, yet deeper punching!
  9. Mark, Ive been using a Garrett AT Gold for over a year now, its my 3rd detector and for an all round detector you really cant go wrong IMHO. Its water proof to 6 feet, can nugget shoot, coin/ relic hunt. You can pick one up for around 600 bucks new! Ive found rings, coins, relics and even a few gold nuggets! As a note, i did have a malfunction with it only after 3 months of fairly heavy use (would shut off when set on its side) I called Garrett and I had it repaired within a weeks time. Garrett's customer service was absolutely top notch. Hope this helps!