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  1. That sounds great to me, it would be great if this works out to do it a couple times a year.????a camp ground sounds good. I would like to get this ball rolling.i am Shure we could All have fun.a spring and fall thing would be nice.
  2. Wow very nice!!! I bet you felt really good that day.???????
  3. I am totally willing to host this thing we just need a place and people too want to do this.?
  4. I saw a few great deals on Craigslist up in PHX was a new in box gpx5000 but I also saw a gpx 4000 with a ton of extra stuff.
  5. I just thought it would be great to get some folks together and have a really great time. With all the really nice new minelabs out there with all different kinds of coils, signal enhancer's you name it. We could do a pot luck dinner/lunch, I could bring the grill and burgers. Some one else can bring some beans, hotdogs. Any thing else, who knows maybe we might just have some fun. Let's make it happen!!
  6. I could not help but notice no one has encouraged an outing lately. It Shure would be nice to share a bite to eat and some knowledge.