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  1. I’d give one a shot! I’ve actually always thought of putting riffles in a scoop just for testing places along the creek in other areas where you’re trying to pan down the material in your scoop. When I’m detecting in the creeks this would come in real handy. I’m glad someone finally went through with the production on one of these.
  2. Also maybe design a way to make the cable go up the middle of the shaft. Like a GPZ coil does maybe. That also is one of the perk to those machines.
  3. Small for the creeks and large for the treasure coast beaches. I’d like both of those.
  4. Any thoughts yet to make them waterproof so the machine can still be that?
  5. I would like to trade my brand new, unopened, still in the packaging Minelab Equinox WM08. I am looking for a Minelab GPZ7000 WM12. It can be used if not abused. They both sell for the same amount. Actually the WM08 sells for 4 bucks more. I don't use headphones, so it would be nice to have a back up. I would be willing to sell this if you give me the same amount to buy a WM12. Thanks everyone!
  6. Hello All, Not sure if others have seen this but Miner John lost everything in the Paradise Fire back in Nov. I wish him the best on getting his feet back on the ground, with such a terrible loss. Obviously because of this, his coil covers are not being produced at least at this time (his site says at some point he hopes to be back in business). I am in desperate need of a coil cover for my GPZ 14" and really don't want to have the go with a Minelab one. Every place I have looked that used to sell Miner Johns coil covers is Out of Stock. Does anyone know where there still might be some
  7. Hello All, I am looking for New or USED Waterproof Headphones for the Minelab Equinox and would like to trade my Brand New still in the box Apple AirPods. I would like either the Minelab phones, Grey Ghost Amphibians, or the Tony Esienhower's. Thank you!
  8. That sucks! Looks so young too. My condolences as well. Hopefully he passed doing what he loved.