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  1. This morning went up to quartzsite with Condor to check out the new 6000 and we got to give it a test run albeit it was in the parking lot of the rv show , we could only use the 14 inch double d coil because of all the emi at the show just a couple small test nuggets the rep had , will say the new speakers audio was very good and the ergonomics and over balance were outstanding. The machine will only come with the 11 inch mono and the 14
  2. there are some photos and news on the detector prospector site
  3. Oh yes Bob I used my Gpx 4000 and SDC 2300 before
  4. All the good targets for my brother and myself for the first ten days out this december. All GPZ 7000 finds .
  5. Rob here is a nice 1/4 oz. piece found by my brother in the same general area a couple days earlier also found with a GPX 7000.
  6. The 7000 and just up and down the washes out of sunny Yuma