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  1. I have a very lightly used Fisher Gold Bug II Metal Detector I am looking to sell. Maybe 20 hours total use. Original Box and paperwork. 10" Coil Fisher Headphones - only 1 side works. - I used this a lot with my White's detector. Bonus: 9 volt rechargeable batteries and new wall charger. I used it 10 days ago and it worked great. Retail ($764) - SOLD on Ebay Reason: I bought the Equinox 800 and it suits me better as I do not have a lot of time to gold prospect.
  2. I had a tough first day using the new Equinox detector on Saturday ( 2 hour hunt at Phoenix parks). I only used the quick start guide with basic Park 1 / 2 to test. 2 25c 4 10c 3 5c 20 1c 100+ foil bits - basic Park 1 program drove me nuts with all the chatter in trashy parks. 2 Plastic Play Money Junk Necklace/Chains Today, I tried a new "coin" program I found on Youtube and went out for about 4 hours at Encanto park. It worked nicely! (Custom Tones & Zones Park 1) - Thanks to DirtFishing 21