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  1. Hi Garikfox, Thanks very much for the suggestions. I do not have the Minelab Command 8" coil, but I will try Sensitive Extra with the NFs. I had originally tried Audio set to Normal, and also moved the gain from 11 up to 16 but no joy. Understood that less aggressive timings will perform better; started on Fine Gold timing because the area I will be prospecting has quite a bit of mineralization and ironstone. From my research on this forum and other places, that is the timing I expect to be using in the field, so I was trying to pick settings close to what others recomme
  2. Hi All, Getting ready for a trip to SW US, and doing some preliminary testing on my GPX 5000. I have some test samples glued to a plastic chip that I use to verify the basics, but curiously, this one sample (0.16 gram , call it 2.5 grains) would not make a peep. Not only going over with coils, but even the coil edges did not register this one. The other , flatter 0.19 gram piece was detected by both coils. Using both NF 14 x 9 and 8x6 Sadie coils - got no response from either one. I was on a freshwater beach with the chips just on top of the sand - not too close to any in