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  1. This is a used one owner GPX 5000. The Minelab is all boxed up ready to ship, two boxes. I purchased it when they first came out $4500.00 and have found many nuggets with this unit. I have owned all the GP's and GPX's up till this unit and this is the most sensitive nugget finder. It has paid for itself over and over. Nothing is wrong with the machine, it is not a China knockoff. A real Minelab that has found many nuggets. It comes with everything Minelab supplied and three extra coils, five coils in all. The standard Minelab 11 inch Mono and DD coil, a 14 inch Mono Nugget Finder good for deeper large nuggets, a Nugget Finder 7 x 14 Elliptical Mono which is great for looking up under bushes and then a smaller 8 x 12 Coiltek Open Frame Mono coil for easy pinpointing in open areas. Three lower coil shafts so 3 of your coils are ready to mount to the box at all times. The box shaft has the clamp thing to secure the coil cable attaching to the box (reduces cable induced noise). Also included is a 2.4 gram real Arizona Gold test nugget for you to see what real gold sounds like and a couple of large lead test slugs to hear what the big nuggets sound like (the inverted signal). Also a pinpointer (Vibraprobe), two DVDs on advanced prospecting with Minelab GPX series and the Minelab fabric detector case. Price is $2500
  2. Selling my Minelab CTX3030 Metal Detector. Condition is Used. In good condition ( usual scuffs on the coil covers). Standard coil plus the 17” and the 6” coils and all accessories seen in the photo. I’ve included the Andy sabisch book for the Ctx3030 and protection covers. Also comes with the Minelab bag and all boxes. Asking $1200 shipped. PM if interested