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  1. What do you all recommend for a good Kenwod food processor? I want one mostly for making pasta dough quickly, but also for emulsions, pure's etc.. Price is a consideration but quality is more important to me. Right now all I have is a Waring blender that is about as handy as a broken finger. It spins way to fast and causes cavitation. I think the thing could separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Tig welder
  2. looking for the information of these. Psychology Anxiety Depression mental heath eatingdisorder twitter profile
  3. By the way, I said a few weeks ago that I didn't receive your blog posts. Well, the problem seems to have been solved, and I'm so happy about it, even if it makes me gain weight by trying all your wonderful recipes. Hi, I am working for a kitchen images blog for my client. The client is asking to redesign product images and add a transparent look to each product. Which is the best version to edit images in a transparent way? Here s the link. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi kajun. Can you share the link of your blog? And which Electric smoker you can use?