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  1. ABI have all these necessary things are in hands as Funds, Machinery to work, A competent team to accurate management, They say it is only about 3 months will be taken until the Great Sleeping Giant project will be entirely operating in July 2021 They have adequate resources as senior gold mine and sleeping giant gold mine, They know that these developments have definite productivity within few years with the more productions coming ahead! In starting of this March they get a loan of 6.5M$ so they can rapidly chase up for sleeping giant project! Regarding the concerns as why sha
  2. The Great Sleeping Giant Project Will commence its Initial Productions from This Month & Until July 2021 it will be in full productions! In recent most meeting of ABI shareholders where many good things are discussed M.Hinse also spokes the following: • They appoint some new employees for Sleeping Giant Mines • More professional people will be hiring for Abcout Barvue Gold Mine • They also informed about milestone for Sleeping Giant Project • And in Next summer they will intentionally giving bonuses