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  1. I have found out since that for one reason or another claims are being forfeited or abandoned mostly because they have not paid there fees That's alright it just creates more opportunities for us who are dedicated and put forth the effort
  2. I have just been offered a gold coper silver and gemstone claim Have not had much experience with copper ore any help or suggestions would be awesome
  3. When you are treasure hunting for coins don't forget about the old coins you find around the house or in my case coins that were found doing trashouts you never know when there is a valuable coin in your pocket or stash
  4. I do have a special one here will bring her to the US soon
  5. I have been living in the Philippines the last three years I have been told it time to leave I am also in hiding because of a level 4 alert I will soon be coming back to the US and I will settle in Colorado
  6. Right now I am taking care of some personal business and problems and preparing to come back to the states I will start sharing the good stuff soon
  7. Keep a look out the best is yet to come
  8. I will be in Colorado soon been using Google Earth found a lot of public land many old tailing piles can't wait
  9. It's time to think out of the box and go where no one has thought about going
  10. Got no replies so I guess when I get to Colorado is off to the scrap yard and fire up the welder and make my own
  11. If I post anything on here I am now in the Philippines but I will soon be in Colorado
  12. Wanted dollypot and Hard Rock chizles and hammer
  13. It's not only the experience but the many places we have gone
  14. Yes I agree and it will get more exciting the best is yet to come