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  1. All found as I was heading back on my ATV to my truck getting ready to head home. I saw a quartz outcrop that caught my eye way up out of a wash. So that last second decision to go look became my last second decision patch.
  2. Before you waist your time going to Luke AFB or any military instalation to get a military I'd card you must (1) be active duty. (2) be retired military. (3) be active reserve.or the dependant of the for mentioned. They do not issue military id's to non active veterans.sorry guys those who served should know this to be the fact.I wish it were different. Military discount's only apply to the above sorry.
  3. Imaudigger is that the I-5 in the back ground of first picture?
  4. Roo, Mountain in back ground in first picture is MT Shasta a non-active volcano in NorCal in the same chain of volcanos as MT St Helens (which erupted in 1980), MT Rainer and MT Baker,,,Man Imaudigger what a front seat you would have If you Knew when Mt Shasta was going to Blow.
  5. Hey nuggetslayer congrat's on the nugget finds and the Glock 27. as for pepper spray
  6. Good Day Roo, Though I have never come across a mountain lion (YET!) Its just a matter of time before your encounter happens when you are in lion/gold country, Snakes are a given during the hot months, always Keeping a look out for both here in Socal and AZ. T-Bone. The Mountain lion in this picture weight in at over 200+ LB But Killed by a car in northern AZ.
  7. A Prayer for your Grandmother, and a prayer for your family Rob.
  8. Hi chris! good to see your still in the game.as for your local weld shop shame on them. better you use a 5lb sledge hammer in a confined space by cutting out the bottom of a five gallon bucket no need to slam the material, just let the dead weight of the hammer do the work for you. worked for me, call me so we can hook-up as I have moved closer to Barstow I now live in Murrieta. talk to you soon.
  9. Here are the weights for both ,tryed to cleane them the best i could i know these are species but any way .
  10. Well i'm sure someone has had this happen to them,your down to the last hour of day light and it's your last day before you call it a weekend thinking it's going to be a total bust (meaning no takie homie any goldie kinda of bust).So your on your way back to camp to load up the quad and all the gear,not even wanting to cook your last dinner before you head home because you were just served a mess of humble pie.(Mother nature's best).now this is where making last minute decision's change every thing.So im heading back to camp and im coming up on a small wash crossing the road,and in my head at
  11. Just in case if you never seen a spot or ever heard of one ......The Spot Tracker
  12. WoW rob plate and pin's and screws! let us know how your 5000 acts when you are out there swinging,and trying to pick out your nugget from your scoop.get well soon and remember to watch out which hand your using when its time to wipe, T-Bone
  13. Yep'er:what about them chargers Adam? did ya see the game?........