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  1. Getting closer to that pensionRob. Hendo
  2. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and remember the Reason for the Season. Hendo
  3. Digger Bob(aka Bob Vancamp) lives in Paradise, Ca. Lets all pray for him and his family. Hendo
  4. Hope you're not on a hot roof today Hendo
  5. Was just in Colorado last weekend, but was just passing thru. One thing I ran into, was all the knuckleheads from Denver. They can't drive worth a sh!t Hendo
  6. Hey Burro, Do we know each other? I belong to one of the clubs you speak of. Hendo
  7. Hey Slim, I can see the pictures on Google Chrome Hendo
  8. Rob, Did your Cuz get rid of his forum? Hendo
  9. Happy 65th, brother. Hope you are having fun today. Hendo