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  1. The booklet "30 best kept secrets to finding treasure" can be gotten as a E-book from Whites' website for $1.99 US.
  2. Also if you check her profile she hasn't been on this forum for about 1 year, however I do know she is still active on the Arizona Outback Forum. Here's a link to her profile on that forum, you can send her a PM there.
  3. Yes Rob Jim recently has shown back up over on Bill's forum, his profile shows he has visited the forum today so if you send him a PM over there he should see it. Here's a link to one of his recent posts and also a link to his profile page.
  4. You got a typo in your post Rob, no such thing as "Pro Find 44"
  5. RIP Jim, we'll never be the same without you among us and sharing your knowledge, such a great loss to our community!
  6. My thoughta and prayers for your father...Wayne and your family.
  7. It's the time of year for a great Christmas story and this is one of the best, written by our own fellow gold nugget hunter "Doc" Lousignont, Ph.D. If you have read this before, I'm sure you will love to read it again, if you haven't read it you're in for a treat!!
  8. An update from Bill's forum, posted 1 hour ago by Desertpilot who was a part of the search effort. Desertpilot Silver Member Nugget Shooter Members 372 259 posts Gender:Male Location:SE Arizona Posted 1 hour ago I would like to thank everyone for their support and input especially the people who PM’d me and spoke with me on the phone. The information provided was able to aid in reducing the search area. We were able to find Chris but I cannot provide much more information than that at this time.
  9. No, silver, gold , aluminum, lead and basically all metals that aren't iron are all non ferrous metals and will have much the same signal. Any company that makes the first detector that can tell exactly what non ferrous metal it's detecting is will make lot of money!!
  10. Even the music is fake, synthesized, the nuggets are so fake they match the music perfectly, even the prospector is fake, he doesn't even get the least bit excited, just the lazy thumbs up, I have seen nuggets that looked very similar that were made from pouring gold over rock salt in a sand mold.
  11. My condolences to your family Rob, Rest in Peace Peggy, my thoughts and prayers for a great outcome on your father's surgery.
  12. Thoughts and prayers going out for Peggy and your family.