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  1. NuggetShooter forum is back up and online, we have gotten the issue resolved, there was a communication issue between the forum provider and PayPal, Bill and I have been working on resolving the issue since the forum went offline last night.
  2. The best I could get from an online translator on what Rhachide is saying was the following, still sorta hard to understand it 100% but at least I can tell he was replying on topic and is genuinely replying about the video... "Well I do not know if it is real but Aki in Brazil had a story of a farmer who in the dry times suffered from the lack of water and had an idea to make rails of 1, 60mt depth on the hill and a hole down forming a Frighde lake to enjoy the rainwater When I went down the hill a certain day the machine he was digging broke and he took it to tidy that week it rained 3 days without for when he an employee and the machine mechanic returned at the site they spotted on the spot gold stones as big as these were catching With his hand in the same way as the video. Now I ask you and if this guy found this site bought this land did not come out spreading that neither a fool sold hidden or distant from where he lives and now does this type of video but nobody knows where it gets and the comments are also blocked preventing or even diminished Going the chance of anyone who knows or identifies the land or the place to speak. Ah coming back to the farmer's story he went backwards 2 days later the rumor was spreading and looked like 4mil people on site at 4 hours of work to people digging found from 4 to 5000 dollars that a group of 3 people. I am Brazilian my grandfather met an ancient Indian who spoke to him that the country Brazil is and the Dorado is a country not a city I have no money to put my ideas into practice if not Jah had bought my land in some region where I know I can find this can the Happening. My analysis. Analyzing the video it looks like he's walking ne a bed of a river that's with the very low level might be right a dry season that would explain the bigger rocks and the looking stones that are puread maybe is but easy not to dig is just think ne a plantation every year right A date they come back and picks up what can and goes away without drawing anyone's attention. Thanks for the attention respect to everyone and all the opinions my grandfather was a great prospector and told me about some things and different ideologies even though I never risked I know where I should risk myself. Rhachide Amorim ". Brasil . São Paulo. Praia Grande
  3. The booklet "30 best kept secrets to finding treasure" can be gotten as a E-book from Whites' website for $1.99 US.
  4. Also if you check her profile she hasn't been on this forum for about 1 year, however I do know she is still active on the Arizona Outback Forum. Here's a link to her profile on that forum, you can send her a PM there.
  5. Yes Rob Jim recently has shown back up over on Bill's forum, his profile shows he has visited the forum today so if you send him a PM over there he should see it. Here's a link to one of his recent posts and also a link to his profile page.
  6. RIP Jim, we'll never be the same without you among us and sharing your knowledge, such a great loss to our community!
  7. My thoughta and prayers for your father...Wayne and your family.
  8. It's the time of year for a great Christmas story and this is one of the best, written by our own fellow gold nugget hunter "Doc" Lousignont, Ph.D. If you have read this before, I'm sure you will love to read it again, if you haven't read it you're in for a treat!!
  9. An update from Bill's forum, posted 1 hour ago by Desertpilot who was a part of the search effort. Desertpilot Silver Member Nugget Shooter Members 372 259 posts Gender:Male Location:SE Arizona Posted 1 hour ago I would like to thank everyone for their support and input especially the people who PM’d me and spoke with me on the phone. The information provided was able to aid in reducing the search area. We were able to find Chris but I cannot provide much more information than that at this time.
  10. No, silver, gold , aluminum, lead and basically all metals that aren't iron are all non ferrous metals and will have much the same signal. Any company that makes the first detector that can tell exactly what non ferrous metal it's detecting is will make lot of money!!
  11. Even the music is fake, synthesized, the nuggets are so fake they match the music perfectly, even the prospector is fake, he doesn't even get the least bit excited, just the lazy thumbs up, I have seen nuggets that looked very similar that were made from pouring gold over rock salt in a sand mold.
  12. My condolences to your family Rob, Rest in Peace Peggy, my thoughts and prayers for a great outcome on your father's surgery.
  13. Thoughts and prayers going out for Peggy and your family.
  14. Adam uses those big words so everyone has to look them up, that's just the way he rolls!
  15. NYN, Maybe you can turn this topic into your own outing topic, ask for anyone interested in coming and then if you get enough interested plan it all out with a date, time, location, and who's bringimg what to contribute by starting a "Poll" and another "Poll" for how many are planning to attend so you know what/how much food is needed to feed everyone. etc.! That's usually how these outings come to fruition.
  16. I'm sure they want him to regain some strength before doing the bypass, hospitals aren't the best place for that for the most part, in general they aren't the healthest places with all the germs and such, many times people get sicker from extended stays in hospitals and usually from something other than what they came in for treatment for.
  17. Rob thoughts and prayers are going out for your Dad and the entire family.
  18. Chuck, I just went to Cabela's website and tried looking for the Equinox and found all the other Minelabs and Minelab products they sell but no Equinox there???
  19. Man ain't that's the way it always goes, just as soon as you think you got your money's worth someone steps up and shows you how wrong you were, you could of had 2 Blue Mountain Dews!!
  20. Walker very nice specimen , if you had only waited another 10,000 years to find that piece of gold it would of been "sluggy" as well!!