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Found 5 results

  1. Minelab GPX 5000 with 3 coils: 8" mono, 11" mono, 11" DD. 2 lower shaft rods. Manual, battery, minelab battery harness, Koss headphones. Camo box cover. Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness (new in box, never used). This machine is in excellent working order. Located in Wilhoit. Pick up, or meet in Prescott or Congress area possible. Asking $2200. Call or text Lou: 928.514.3680
  2. Hello, It's been a long time since I found gold nuggets. But, I still search whenever I get time. Yesterday, I went to my friend's house to pick him for nugget hunting. He should me some equipment left behind by his brother. It was something like a meter, a detector. When I googled it later, I found that it was a geophysical instrument called overhauser magnetometer. His brother is working in archaeology, so may be it is used for finding ruins below the earth. I was wondering though, could it be used for finding treasures? Does it act like a metal detector? I don't know if it can be used
  3. Was out last week doing some detecting and managed a 2/3rds ounce nugget. Dug it out of about 10" of red clay with a mono elite 14" coiltek and GPX5000. Really surprised me to see a big nugget as my previous ones were all a lot Big nuggets to you all!! This gold fever is no joke, gotta go dig some more...
  4. Hello fellow prospectors, Thank you all for helping me with all my rookie detecting questions and being so encouraging. I made it out this last Sunday with a fellow detectorist who was gracious enough to take me out to one of his spots and show me the finer points of gold detecting. He was kind enough to let me use his platypus coiltek coil too, wow what a difference a smaller coil made. I got to listen to his first target of the day, a nice little nugget on edge wedged in a crack. Was nice just to see a nugget come out of the ground in person. I then aske
  5. Hello fellow detectorist, Went out for some detecting with some friends today, great weather and good views. Good times had by all but for the most part we all got skunked on the gold except for one pan I did on arrival to confirm the gold in the creek, got one chunky flake and four fly poop sized pcs. I recently read Robs thread about the ten year old pics, great nugget he found in that one. So I was digging all targets today and not leaving any screamers laying around. Found the spike about 2 feet down, the wire at about a foot at the edge of the creek and hit a few smaller pcs of square