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Found 4 results

  1. Working on approving the final prototype covers for GM 1000 and Equinox before they go into production. I thought a Velcro® secured wrap around to secure the coil cord on the Gold Monster 1000 was better than having to force the cable cord into that plastic clip on the machine. I have a feeling that clip is going to cause shorts in the cable. Rob has already pre-ordered, even though I don't know the pricing as of yet. Dang things are labor intensive. Get on his list. Thanks! Doc has
  2. Well, part two and part three of my videos on the Gold Monster 1000 are now complete and up loaded for viewing. In part 2 I do a field demonstration of the GM 1000 in different soils, and in Part 3 I am giving hints and tips on how to get the best performance out of the GM1000, but a lot of that info applies to many VLFs, not just the GM1000. I also focus on the types of places that the GM1000 will perform best and make some suggestions to prospectors on how you can increase your chances to find gold. Doing these videos has been an educational experience and I will be doing more in the comin
  3. Seems as though the Gold Monster is going to be the next big thing. Anyone with a GPX or GPZ machine will want this as an auxiliary machine for specialized use. For example, I know some really great very rich dry washing area where that little 5 inch coil will kill. Also I have a place where the old timers worked where the gold is about 3 inches down sitting on hard pack. Above that is just fluffy gravel. The big issue there is 40 pieces of trash for each little nugget. The ability to hunt in all metal and then switch into discriminate is a big plus and I look forward to savaging this ar