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Found 16 results

  1. Nugget Hunting a Hydraulic Pit Click to View Video Me and Gary @Two Toes head deep into the Sierra's in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets the Old timers missed. Yes I include Gary in with the Old Timers as he has Detected this spot before. Nugget Hunting in a Hydraulic pit isn't the easiest thing to do but it's one of the funnest and most rewarding ways of finding Gold. On this adventure we take three different Metal Detectors The Minelab SDC 2300, White's TDI, and a White's Gold Master V-Sat this allows us to use both Pulse Induction and VLF technologies in our search for Gold and Treasures. Watch as we pull those Gold Nuggets the old timers missed over a hundred years ago out of the ground !!!!! Gary finds a old Lead soldered painted Can with Gold inside what did the Old timers us it for ? I find Six musket balls encased in rotting wood how long have those been there ? Plus Many many old square Nails !!!!! Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the adventure we sure had fun finding all the cool stuff and wondering what and how they used it. SG 046
  2. Bedrock Crevice Detecting on the Yuba River Click for Video Let's Find some Gold on Mother Yuba !!! We head back to the Yuba River in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. We are armed with the Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat that gives us both a Pulse Induction Detector and a VLF machine. Moving those Boulders is hard work but that's what needs to happen to expose the Bedrock Crevices and get those Nuggets !!! Bedrock Crevice Detecting on the Yuba River SG 045
  3. Moving Boulders to find more Gold Nuggets Click Here to View Video We return to move a boulder that's been keeping me awake at night just thinking about what might be underneath it. This boulder is sitting on Bedrock just above the main flow of the river so it could be loaded with Gold !!!! I worked the crevice around it and pulled out a couple pickers and a lot of lead so lets see whats under that boulder. Detectors used Minelab SDC 2300 and the White's Gold Master V-Sat . SG 040
  4. Hillside Detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets Click to view video Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's) try some Hillside detecting for Placer Gold Nuggets. High bench gold in the morning and River deposited gold in the afternoon . We moved a lot of rocks and brush looking for those elusive Nuggets and didnt go home empty handed !!! Our Hawaiian buddy Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) likes to send me pictures and video of what we are missing on the island during the winter months so I've included a few clips from him in the video. Hope you enjoy the video. SG 038
  5. Moving Boulders to find Placer Gold Click to view video Moving Boulders to reach Bedrock Crevices to locate those Placer Gold Nuggets that are hiding just out of sight. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toes ) use a Come-along and a Breaker bar to move the boulders then check the bedrock crevices with a Minelab SDC 2300 Metal Detector. A Come-Along is a hand operated winch used to pull objects in this case Boulders !! SG 036
  6. Click To View Video Armed with a Minelab SDC 2300 and a White's Gold Master V-Sat Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) head back to a spot they worked in the spring in search of Gold Nuggets !!!!! Jeff brings the Big Breaker Bar and it boulder moving time on the creek while Gary searchs the high bench for those elusive Nuggets. See what the guys find with there Metal detectors while working the Bedrock both High and low !!!!! SG 035 Thanks for watching
  7. Metal Detecting Frozen Bedrock in the middle of the road in the heart of the California Motherlode. Jeff and Gary ( Two Toe's ) are in search of bedrock outcroppings in the area of old Gold Rush workings. The Fortyniners worked this area during the California Gold Rush lets see what they missed !!!! Please Remember to always fill in your holes after digging SG 033
  8. Click Here For Video Jeff and Gary accept the Hawaiian's Challenge !!!! Tim ( Blue Lead Gold Productions ) and JC (The Minin Hawaiian) have Challenged Jeff (Smithsgold) and Gary ( Two Toe's ) to see who can find the most Gold Nuggets !!! Detector's ready lets get to finding those elusive Gold Nuggets. Gary and Tim are using there White's TDI's. Jeff is running his White's Gold Master VSat and JC is running his Garrett AT Max. if you enjoyed the video don't worry I'm hearing talk of a rematch !!!!! Thanks for watching
  9. Cleaning Bedrock for Gold Nuggets The Rain can't stop Jeff and Gary (Two Toe's ) as they head to the Hills in search of those elusive Gold Nuggets. Jeff has his White's Gold Master V-Sat (VLF) Metal Detector and Gary has his White's TDI (Pulse Induction) Detector see which one finds the most and biggest Gold in the California Mother lode. Clear that Bedrock and check those Crevice's there might be Gold Nuggets hidden in there !!!! SG 018 Thanks for watching
  10. The Nugget Hunters Join the Nugget Hunters as we search for Gold Nuggets in the California Motherlode. We search for the Nuggets the 49ers didn't get. With Gary ( Two Toe's ), Prospector Jerry ( California Motherlode Prospectors ), Jeff ( Smithsgold ), Bedrock Bennett, and JC ( Minin Hawaiian )as they search for elusive Gold Nuggets. The Nugget Hunters Part One
  11. Hydraulic Pit Gold Prospecting for Gold Nuggets in an Old Hydraulic Pit in the Heart of the California Motherlode. The Old Timers didn't get it all watch as Jeff and Gary (Two Toes) find Hidden Gold Nuggets in the Bedrock Crevices with Metal Detectors. SG 011
  12. River Detecting for Gold Nuggets See Who gets the Biggest Nugget Gold Prospector's Jeff ( Smithsgold ) and Gary ( Two Toes ) Head to the Hills in search of rare Gold Nuggets. Watch and see who gets the most Gold and the Biggest Nugget. SG 010
  13. Metal Detecting an Old Homesite Join Jeff as he Metal Detects an Old Homesite looking for hidden Treasures. Hope you enjoy the Video , Thanks for watching. Jeff
  14. There were some recent discussions on another forum that must be shared with those that metal detect and prospect in Rye Patch, NV, please read the following summary and share with your Club's members and prospecting friends. Bill From Land Matters: The above map shows who the land manager is and which sections have claims. The simple fact that the BLM is the land manager does not mean the land is open to prospecting or claim. I took the next step for you. I downloaded the Master Title Plat (MTP) for that Township with a click on the Land Status map. The MTP clearly shows that most of the the odd numbered Sections have restricted minerals - as in not yours. So no you can't just look at a simple map and say to yourself "hmmm no claims and it's BLM managed so I'm good to go". The reason this is disturbing to me is myself and others have spent a lot of personal time and money providing free tools and tutorials so the average prospector/researcher can know how to do their legally required Due Diligence before they put boots on the ground. The tools and information are now freely available. Abdicating your personal responsibility to know the land status before you prospect because I provided a map of claimed areas was not the intent of my work. Please don't use Land Matters as an excuse for criminal behavior. Ignorance is never a defense against a prosecution for mineral trespass or mineral theft. The talk here has been of "Claim Jumping". Claim Jumping is the act of trying to steal a mining claim with paperwork and lawyers. Taking minerals from a claim you don't have permission to prospect is highgrading - not Claim Jumping. Higrading in all cases involves the theft of minerals owned by someone else. Apples and Oranges. I get correspondence from a lot of claim owners complaining of higraders. This is not new to mining. Several studies of commercial placer mines have shown that higrading is the biggest threat to a profitable operation. Anyone that has worked for the larger mining companies know they spend a lot of time, money and hours ensuring their minerals are not stolen. Higrading is on every mining companies radar. I often hear excuses like "If the claim isn't marked it's OK to prospect" and the even more common "It's the claim owners responsibility to maintain signs". Neither is true, a few States require corners be checked on an annual basis but in point of fact most states have no legal requirement that claims must maintain markers. In several states corner markers are not required at all for some claims and monuments only have to be present at the time of location. Although as a practical matter the claim owner should do everything possible to put others on notice of the claim it is not the legal responsibility of the claim owner to use signs or markers to keep prospectors off their claim. Prospectors, unlike the general public, have a positive legal duty to know the mineral status of the land before entering to prospect. The claim owner put other prospectors on legal notice when they recorded their "Notice of Mining Claim Location" into the public record. That public record suffices as proper notice under the law even if there are no stakes at the mining claim location. The public record is open for inspection to all people. Potential prospectors need to examine the public record before entering the land to prospect. Land Matters provides links to all the County Recorders right on the Mining Claim maps to assist you in accomplishing that requirement. Where Land Matters could do better is in providing the subsurface mineral status of the lands. As you've seen above not all BLM managed land is open to prospecting or location. It's not just a matter of mineral withdrawals but more subtle issues like those odd numbered sections in parts of Rye Patch that were reconvened and were never open to location. There was no withdrawal there because there were no mineral rights to withdraw. Often those minerals have already been sold or leased. If you are found extracting minerals from these restricted lands the BLM will bring charges of criminal mineral theft. It happens quite often and is frequently prosecuted for something as simple as taking a pickup load of gravel or sand. Then there is the big mass of "dark matter" that is the subsurface estate still owned by the United States. There are nearly 7 million acres of mineral lands, often available for prospecting and location, underneath private lands in the west. Mining companies know this and have legally mined private lands for years. It requires a huge amount of research to determine just where these hidden mineral lands are found. The BLM is tasked with maintaining the records of this huge subsurface estate but between the BLM and mining companies the attitude seems to be "out of sight - out of mind". With very few exceptions these records are available but virtually unobtainable by the average researcher. Land Matters has plans to map these subsurface mineral rights but it's a huge project with little public interest beyond the landsmen and oil and gas industries. We need to see some real public interest before we will commit the resources needed to complete such a big project. Now to the tough part. Most of these complaints I receive of higraders are about metal detecting. Rarely do I hear of processing equipment being used. At least 9 out of 10 reports of higrading I receive are about metal detectorists taking the best and biggest gold. Several of you on this forum have been named by claim owners. I'm not the enforcement guy and I will not be calling you out in public but I do know. For small miners trying to protect their owned minerals from higrading the pointy finger is mostly about metal detectorists. I do know that few of you set out with the intent to detect someone's minerals. In most cases these violations are due to ignorance, intentional or otherwise. Assuming that signs are required or that unclaimed BLM managed land must be available for prospecting are just two examples. I have heard from many prospectors that the big mining companies (or someone who appears to be working for a mining company) allow prospectors to work their claims. I've never found a prospector who had a name, phone number or signed release but this seems to be one of those things "everyone knows". I can tell you that no mining company that has public shares could ever legally allow you to prospect their claims without a work contract. The simple fact that you haven't been caught or run off does not amount to permission. Please learn to do your own due diligence. Please respect mineral owners rights, those minerals are their private property under the law. According to the Serial Register page Sections 17,19 and 21 is split estate. The surface is BLM managed and the minerals are privately owned. This doesn't make a lot of sense considering the ownership history there but it is how the government has the split estate classified. To prospect or mine Sections 17, 19 and 21 you would need the written permission of the private mineral owner. You will need to visit the Humboldt County Assessor to find out who the current owner is. One individual and one company have mined that area in the past. The last approved mining there was closed out in 1998. There may be a private mineral lease there now but there is no way to know until someone begins the mine permit process. The one thing that is clear is that there can be no prospecting (including metal detecting) or mining on Sections 17, 19 and 21 without the mineral owners written permission. l
  15. Heading to the mountains tommorrow,(thursday), wondered if anyone want to hunt. Why, cause I dont know where to go!!!!!! Give me a shout if interested prior to me flying home to the cold Friday.. Mike ( Hillster).
  16. Hello All, Well the Rattlesnakes are definately out now. This weekend I was scanning a target and reaching out moving rocks with my hand. As I reached out the second time to remove some rocks from a rock pile, I seen something that looked like a snake face and jumped back. Low and behold, it was a Rattlesnake looking right at me, hiding among the rock pile. The Rattlesnake didn't even buzz, just was sticking out it's tongue checking me out. I ended up breaking off a large branch from a nearby tree and removed him from the area. It was a Black Tail Rattlesnake, which aren't very aggressive from what I seen. That being said, I wouldn't want to get bitten to find out. Later that same day we seen another Pink Rattlesnake. Here is the one I moved from the rock pile - Be careful out there now, especially if you're wearing headphones all the way on. Rob Allison