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Found 11 results

  1. Lets hear what coils everyone is using on they're GPX 4500's and most importantly why?
  2. Minelab GPX 5000 with 3 coils: 8" mono, 11" mono, 11" DD. 2 lower shaft rods. Manual, battery, minelab battery harness, Koss headphones. Camo box cover. Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness (new in box, never used). This machine is in excellent working order. Located in Wilhoit. Pick up, or meet in Prescott or Congress area possible. Asking $2200. Call or text Lou: 928.514.3680
  3. Well, part two and part three of my videos on the Gold Monster 1000 are now complete and up loaded for viewing. In part 2 I do a field demonstration of the GM 1000 in different soils, and in Part 3 I am giving hints and tips on how to get the best performance out of the GM1000, but a lot of that info applies to many VLFs, not just the GM1000. I also focus on the types of places that the GM1000 will perform best and make some suggestions to prospectors on how you can increase your chances to find gold. Doing these videos has been an educational experience and I will be doing more in the coming weeks on a variety of prospecting topics, not just metal detecting. Here is part 3, part two is below 3. Here is Part 2, a field demonstration of the Gold Monster 1000 and its capabilities:
  4. SOLD SOLD my Minelab X-Tera 705 Gold Detector 18.75 kHz ser# 40427527012 with 3 coils (5" x 10", 9" concentric and Coiltek 15" WOT) and brand new headphones for only $600 REDUCED to $450 shipped to lower 48 only. Purchased from Rob's Detector Sales on 12/9/2013 for over $900. This detector was used only once in Nome, AK. with the 5" x 10" coil and I'm selling it to reduce my detector inventory. The entire package looks brand new. Serious buyers PM me. Bill
  5. I have a brand new 15x12 Minelab Commander Mono Coil with skid plate for sale or trade for a 8x6 NF Sadie Coil. If you have a NF 8x6 Sadie Coil, I am interested in a trade upon seeing pictures of your coil. If you would like to purchase it $175.00 plus shipping to you (United States Only). Please PM or email me at for any further information. I live in Goodyear, Arizona so postage would be from zip code 85395. Cross posted. Jimmy
  6. I have a Minelab Commander Semi Eliptical DD coil 15" X 12" for $275.00. I also have a 20 1/2" Nugget Finder coil for $300.00. I have used this a few times and has some rash on it but still works perfectly. Phone, 928-951-5307
  7. Made it out Sunday with a good friend to the hunting grounds. Had a blast hiking all over the place and digging everything from square nails to a rusted out pocket knife. We hit one spot and decided to do a bit of clearing and overburden removal, and agreed to split the finds. I gave a stump the old mule kick as my partner had a good feeling about what was under it. Cleared away some ground and bam he got a nice signal right where the stump was. Turned out to be a nice little 3.5 gram pc. Was first detected with a GPX4500 and a sadie coil, I put my new to me 5000 over it with the 11" mono and it sounded great!! Good luck to all and get some au under those coils!!
  8. I have the original camo back pack that my 2100 came with and a monster cord and a new 6 volt battery. Rob helped me hotrod my machine a year ago with the gold screamer and the best coil out at that time.My gold take had been sluffing off on the old patches but I knew it was still there.The next 2 days I hit my favorite patch and paid for the mods plus some. Hope someone out there has a real need for these items they're in excellent condition. Mike
  9. Hello All, Minelab has now released their new Treasure hunting metal detector called the Minelab CTX3030. The field reports have been amazing on this new unit. For more information you can contact us, Rob's Detector Sales by email, phone or the forums. For more information from Minelab, please visit the CTX3030's new website at - Here is a new video on the unit from Minelab - Rob Allison
  10. Hello All, This weekend a partner and I conducted field instructions for two new Minelab GPX-5000 customers. One customer was from the Phoenix area, other drove down from Lake Havasu City. After going over the detector and settings, both customers were out detecting. At the end of the day, Marvin from the Phoenix area ended up with two nuggets shown below. Chip & his wife didn't get lucky, but they had a great time. Thank you both for your business. Don't hesitate to get a hold of me if you have any questions. Sunday, my partner and I hit a new area not too far away. Within a few hours I scored 5 small nuggets with the Minelab GPX-5000. The ground was pretty hot, but managed to run Sensitive/Extra with Deep audio in this area. Check out the nuggets below. Overall it was a great weekend. The weather Sunday was awesome! Picture 1 - Chip displaying his new Minelab GPX-5000 in the Arizona goldfields Picture 2 - Marvin checking out a nugget he just scored, his first with the new Minelab GPX-5000 Picture 3 - Marvin showing off his two nuggets found in Arizona Picture 4 - Gold nuggets I found hunting a new location Take care, Rob Allison
  11. Hello All, This weekend, Chris & his Family drove all the way down from Barstow, California to pick up their new Minelab GPX-5000 & Minelab X-Terra 705 and to learn how to use them. It was great to finally put a face on Chris and several of his family members that also post on the forums. We all spent about an hour putting together the GPX-5000 and then spent some time going over the settings, timings and some basic tips/tricks to get started. Within a few hours, Chris scored several nuggets, both around 1/2 Dwt each. I can tell Chris was impressed with the performance of the Minelab GPX-5000, especially on small gold. Chris it was great meeting you and your family. Thanks a million for your business and making it down for field instructions. Looking forward to hearing about your success with the new detector in the Southern California desert regions. If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to call, email or post on the forums. Here are some pictures of Chris, his family and their finds in Arizona with Rob's Detector Sales. Talk with you soon, Rob Allison