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Found 9 results

  1. hi all i have a Whites Goldmaster v sat 4 sale $150 if picked up in kingman az or $175 shipped conus shipped & insured conus this classic unit runs good & & will find the gold has a home made armrest i take paypal f/f please feel free to give me a call 928-715-5324 az timewalt
  2. High Sierra Gold Join Jeff and Mike as they look for Gold and Treasure in the High Sierra's , Watch as Jeff finds a .45 Gram nugget. High Sierra Gold Hope you enjoy the video thanks for watching, Jeff
  3. Scouted a different ravine this morning and stumbled a little patch that yielded these beauties!!
  4. Just recently picked up a XP Deus from Rob and all I can say is wow, I love it!! Thanks Rob for the screaming deal and great service you always provide. Lovely 7 gram nugget on the 1st trip out with my new XP Deus. Was a super great day out with my original gangster nugget buddy who put me on my 1st nugget ever. Seemed only appropriate he was there for this first nugget as well. Hope you all have some fantastic nugget adventures and big gold to you!!
  5. Was out last week doing some detecting and managed a 2/3rds ounce nugget. Dug it out of about 10" of red clay with a mono elite 14" coiltek and GPX5000. Really surprised me to see a big nugget as my previous ones were all a lot Big nuggets to you all!! This gold fever is no joke, gotta go dig some more...
  6. Yay after a year and a half of searching with a TLST and finding oodles of shot, bullet fragments, and wire, I decided to purchase something a little more sensitive, the Makro Gold Racer. The second day out in the El Paso mtns, mojave desert, I find two nuggets, 0.3611 grams and 0.2114 grams inside small dirt clods. I admit I did little dance after each one. They sounded off pretty good though I still have my doubts on Makro's claim of detecting at 0.006 grams. Zonatatodd
  7. Made it out Sunday with a good friend to the hunting grounds. Had a blast hiking all over the place and digging everything from square nails to a rusted out pocket knife. We hit one spot and decided to do a bit of clearing and overburden removal, and agreed to split the finds. I gave a stump the old mule kick as my partner had a good feeling about what was under it. Cleared away some ground and bam he got a nice signal right where the stump was. Turned out to be a nice little 3.5 gram pc. Was first detected with a GPX4500 and a sadie coil, I put my new to me 5000 over it with the 11" mono and
  8. Labor day hike with the wife turned golden. I almost didn't bring the GP3000 out for the hike but decided I should try anyway. Hit this little bugger below 10" of loose gravel on bedrock with a platypus mono coil. Did the happy dance after spitting it out and seeing it really is gold! Now the wife knows I really find the gold vs stopping off at the gold jewelers on my way She asked me if there is more gold around the same spot, she was ready to dig up the whole Good times, for sure made our weekend even more special.
  9. Hello fellow prospectors, Thank you all for helping me with all my rookie detecting questions and being so encouraging. I made it out this last Sunday with a fellow detectorist who was gracious enough to take me out to one of his spots and show me the finer points of gold detecting. He was kind enough to let me use his platypus coiltek coil too, wow what a difference a smaller coil made. I got to listen to his first target of the day, a nice little nugget on edge wedged in a crack. Was nice just to see a nugget come out of the ground in person. I then aske