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Hey all, been out for bit mining away from technology. Im back in az for a little rest, dang its hot! Here is a good clean up from some dredging. post-29399-0-72075300-1372368576_thumb.j

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Dang dood!!! Thats awsome!!!
Course.....I dont know how much effort you put into finding all that but its still AWSOME!!! :) I can just imagine how good it feels

in your hand. Quit fondling it...your gonna wear it down :P
Dad and I and a friend are heading up to lynx creek to dig around for 3 days.....get the heck out of the heat and enjoy life. :))))
Tom H.

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Thanks everyone, I love playing in the water. Nothing beats the sound of gravel going up the nozzel while trout swim around you and shinny things laying on the bedrock keep ya workin B) Well lots of dredging to do this summer just dont know exactly where I want to go paid all the bills in a month so who knows haha... I have some unfinished patches in AZ that have been buggin the crap out of me so I think i will spend some time beepin down here looking for the big stuff when the ground gets wet, wet ground = deep seeking.

Clay, not sure I still have a passion for my day job so maybe ill mix it up on a "what I feel like this week basis" :P as far as where, well seems like there is pleanty everywhere. Who knows I might even go south :ph34r:

keep cool and safe,


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Looks Good Bro!

I Never Had A Doubt....Lolol


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The 40 Mile Is Slow And Clear..... That's The word this Week...



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