Lynx creek and a nugget

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Hey all:
Well,Dad, Jean and I just got back from 2 1/2 days of fun up at the lynx creek/walker dump! :)
Man ive never run into more trash in my life. Every creek/gulch/hillside had some kind of garbage on it.

First day out though....20 minutes into hunting in a trash wash I get a signal. Dig it down 2 inches and out pops a bullet and a 1 gram nugget! YAH!!!!...hunted the area real slow and just got more garbage.

But, it was motivation for the weekend.

It was pretty toasty up there from 1-4 so we sat around camp during that time and hunted the rest.

I was able to see 3 does, a turkey and her little chick, a dead garter snake, a live rattler, and a lot of garbage!
We camped on Banie mine road right by the creek and had it pretty much to ourselves. Nice and quite and cool at night.

Got the faux fire going since the fire restrictions are on and the rangers are patroling.

Ate like little piglets at night. Jean brought up some chicken marsalla for one night and steak and chilie the next.

Went and saw the charcoal kiln in Walker. What a feat of engineering/work those guys did.

It was a great time out with a friend and dad and we were able to at least get one nugget.

On the way home. Im tooling along at 55 MPH towing the 4runner with the RV and its windy.

A lady comes blowing past me on the left towing a 28 ft trailer. She changes lanes in front of me and starts fishtailing....didnt let off on the gas....over corrected and the trailer was rocking back and forth on two wheels...she finally lost it and flipped it almost taking her truck with her. Fortunatly it slammed into the side of the hill and she didnt flip.

We helped her out and took the chains off and moved the truck out of the freeway.

It was a mess...started leaking propane and she was understandable shook up.

DPS got there within 10 minutes. Coodos to them!

Just sitting inside now trying to cool off.

Well, thats my weekend :)
Tom H.

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Awsome! ! Sounds like a great trip... I get skunked every time out that way. Those highway scary moments are always a buzz kill. Glad everyone was ok.


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Nice nugget Tom, remember what I told you about the lead around Lynx. :)

Oh yah.....I was thinking about that...thats what kept me going even though I was dripping out more sweat then I could put back in!


Hope your safe up there?

Tom H.

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