New North Fork - American River Footprint DVD

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Hello All,

As you all might know, MinerDiggins just released their new Footprint on the American River - North Fork.

MinerDiggins has mapped in detail, 282 square miles of the North Fork of the American River drainage basin. Beginning just 36 miles eas of Sacramento, we follow the river over 50 miles in Royal Gorge. MinerDiggins have mapped over 180,000 acres of some of the best gold ground in California. The mapped area includes Iowa Hill, Sailor Canyon, Yankee Jims, along with parts of Gold Run, the Forest Hill Divide and lots of other famous gold bearing areas.

With 70 Interactive map layers to choose from, you will see the North Fork of the American River in whole new ways.

Especially for the Prospector:

  • Placer & Lode claims - mapped to their location notice. Only on this Footprint, no other programs!
  • Geology - Seven interactive layers including: Three layers of Tertiary Gravels and Ancient River Channels
  • State and Local Geologic maps & reports
  • Historic Geologic Maps from as early as 1890

Mix and match any layers you want. Adjust each layers transparency. Zoom in and out. Create your own Unique maps. Print a PDF. Email and share the maps you make.

Write, Mark Points, Draw and Measure Distance and Area

In color right on your custom map! All writing, points, drawing and measuring displayed on your map will be printed on the PDF.

GPS Enabled

Plug in your supported GPS unit and display your tracks and waypoints right on the map!

Land Status: Ownership, Patents, PLSS & County Parcels

Land Management Map - Public Land Survey

Mineral Patents by Placer or Lode - Homestead, Railroad and other Patents

County Parcel Map - Mineral Withdrawls

Proposed Withdrawals - Wild River Mangament Area

Wild River Mineral Withdrawal

And Much Much More!!

Make sure you register your Footprint to get all your FREE updates.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 2000

32 or 64 bit

125 MB of memory

3.5 GB of Disk Space

DVD drive

Administrator Privileges

You can purchase your new Footprint, American River - North Fork from us on our online store at the link below -

The price is $89.95 and we are offering free shipping within the lower US.

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